Work From Home Blog: Day 14






 Yesterday was pretty much a loss in terms of work, because I took a half-day and then spent a bit too much OF said half-day…

…researching refrigerators. 

Ours is dying slowly, which means everything in the freezer is still frozen but everything in the fridge is… just not quite cold enough.  We’ve loaded it up with ice packs from the chest freezer (hey! a plus to getting all those ice packs – my MS drugs come packed in ice in foam coolers, every 3 months ) so we’re not in immediate danger of losing anything, but it’s time for a new fridge. 

I’ve even picked one out!  Now I just have to make the Lowes system let me buy it. 



Warning, after this, this post gets into the pandemic stuff and gets a little depressed. 


In the meantime, I ventured out to the Bigger Grocery Store (Wegmans vs. Shur Save, for those in an area to have both) because most of my prescriptions live at Wegmans.  

It was… well.  In a later time I will probably use this for a dystopia. It felt weird. 

The homemade face masks made me smile, in a good way. It was a bit of whimsy and DIY added to a bleak situation.  The very sleek graphics suggesting we stay “a cart away!” that were everywhere… 

That was both very sensible and a little creepier. 

When I’m hiding in my cave, it’s easier to pretend that everything isn’t different. Today, I’ll work from home copyediting and cleaning up emails, just like I would at work.  I’ll sit through a couple meetings. I’ll buy a fridge online. It’ll feel almost normal, maybe, for a little while?

Does anyone else miss feeling normal?


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