Work from Home Blog, Week 7: Integromat

It is the last day of week 7 of working from home… 

I’m both like “wow, only 7?” and “… woah.  Seven weeks.”

It doesn’t feel like it’s that long but it feels like it’s been forever at the same time – how about you?

The thing it, it mostly feels like I need a haircut and to talk to people who aren’t my lovely husband (and my cats) (because you know they talk back, and if they’re not that good of conversationalists, well, some of my coworkers aren’t, either 😉 

So!  After Kunama let me know my crossposter had… ONCE AGAIN… broken, I am trying Integromat. This is like IFTTT; it’s a way to integrate a whole bunch of different sytems. I’d already set it up to post to Tumblr (Jetpack is the functional wordpress plug in for that and it eats space and is a lot more than I really need, so I finally got rid of it so my page would actually load), so I had the backend set up – 

(It pulls from the rss, so yes, it’s just about the same as

, which Kelkyag set up some time ago.  And if you’re reading from the rss feed, sorry for the 9,000 test posts – I can’t delete those; it’s not my account 😉

– but of course, part of the reason I went with this is because there are no up to date Dreamwidth/Livejournal crossposters, and no, IFTTT and Integromat don’t have a DW/LJ module either.


Dreamwidth DOES have a post-by-email option!


So now when I post something (like this blog post) on

A plug in posts it to my mastodon account at (Speaking of problems with finding online programs that recognize the site you’re using, my primary social media right now is, which is NOT Mastodon but Misskey… yadda, yadda…)

Then Integromat reads the RSS twice a day, sends me an email (want it to send you an e-mail?  I can set it up to do that too!), posts on Tumblr, and then sends an email to Dreamwidth, 

which hopefully posts the post. 


Next, I am going to set it up to post to my Lyn Thorne-Alder Facebook, as I figure, well, Facebook is big enough they probably have  module for that. 

What? Work?

Oh, yeah, that’s going fine enough.  It’s become The New Normal. 

I have dough for a loaf of bread rising in the oven and we’re gonna have leftover pancakes for breakfast. 

This is working out pretty well. 🙂

How about y’all?


Oh, and an amusing side note: I went to save this, and since I’d stopped writing the work-from-home blogs a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t remember what I’d called it. 

Work from- nothing

Quaren – nothing

Lock- nothing. 

Telecommute Journal. 

Okay then, past self. 


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