Work From Home Blog: Day 25

(i’m the sort of person that uses all my sick days, most of them for actual sickness…)

So the problem with getting sick currently is that everyone, including yourself, goes “ack is this The Sick?”

I don’t think this is The Sick.

But I definitely came down with something somewhere between Tuesday and Thursday, and by Thursday I felt shitty enough to email in sick and crawl back into bed.

And then get up for a couple hours and go back to bed.

And again.

and again.

Now, this HAPPENS with me.  I mean, not usually quite THAT bad, but it does happen.  It was like two, three weeks ago I was joking “I’m not sick, I just have MS.”  Because, you know, fatigue, and then there’s the coughing…

But T was sick too, and he does NOT have a chronic autoimmune disease.

So we napped and drank lots of tea and had boring foods and Thursday I felt well enough to do a couple hours of work,

and my boss is asking if my to-do list online is up to date in case we need to arrange coverage and I’m like, I said this wasn’t That Thing. But I made sure my list was up to date anyway.

And now it’s Monday and I was feeling better most of Sunday until the evening, and I feel cruddy again.

Not cruddy enough to not work, not when I’m not risking anyone else – and I’ve got to do SOMETHING with the awake-time, yeah?

Just kinda like my lunch nap might take two hours cruddy and I might want an extra tea with honey.

Okay, yeah, working from home has serious advantages.  Like, “eenh, I’ll work four hours and nap four hours and that’s good” sort of advantages.  Like “my only consideration is how I feel, not whether I might infect someone else or the 45-minute commute each way” advantages.

Oh, and like “A cat sitting on me is the best way to start to feel better” advantages, those are great. And “my husband makes the best chicken broth”, too.

How’s everyone doing in their own isolations?  Feeling okay out there?

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