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Good morning! (Good afternoon, good evening, and good night)

It’s been a good week for web housekeeping!

Let’s see: I covered my work on the Fae Apoc Landing Page in last week’s post, even though that was in this week.  This week, I also worked on the Microfiction Landing Page!

Because a lot of my tootfiction was lost(*) when TootPlanet migrated to Ping.the-Planet, my Microfiction landing page has been a bit of a mess of broken links.

So, in my ongoing project to get everything onto eventually, I started reposting the Potions-and-the-Apocalypse tootfictions in short collections here, as you may have noted.

(*) Lost here means: the link is broken.  For many of these I have copies in a google doc, for others I have copies in 4theWords.  I might not have a copy of everything, but here’s hoping.

On my wiki, (which, another reminder that I will pay you in fic to put pages up there), I made a page for the characters One, Two, and Three from Bellamy – note to self, check Severn’s, I think the First Appearance link is wrong – One, Two, Three need just their first appearance, although Three has not appeared yet.

I also futzed up the bare bones of a page for the Skeleton Room, because, as Veronika notes,

People hadn’t really talked about, say, Reprography, or dangerous sunlight which ate people, or even the woman in Supernatural and Occult who had horns and a tail. They hadn’t talked about the places where the shelves turned at a right angle and shouldn’t, or where you ended up talking to a ghost who didn’t want to let you leave unless you gossiped with her.

On the other hand, everyone had mentioned the skeleton room.

so there were more than a few mentions I had to keep in mind, even if they are not all 100% true to Veronika’s experiences. 

Bellamy is still a little behind in the characters and rooms, so I’ll probably keep working on that one for this coming week.

Thimbleful got two more weeks scheduled and Patreon got… a lot of November 2019 cross-posted ( here – at the top of the tag).  When it takes me more than an hour, I call it good – since Nov. 2019 was another one where I posted a LOT.  

And *looks at page* I ran out of room for stickers in the “post something to LTA” and “post to Patreon” sections.  I scheduled or posted at least 8 things to LTA and at least 4 things to Patreon. 


My goals per week are:

2 Patreon posts, 1 LTA post

(LTA =

2 weeks worth of Thimbleful Thursday posts scheduled and one month Patreon cross-posted to LTA

1 sort of work on the navigation page (approx. 15 minutes?)

One wiki page (or a section of a more complicated one)

so I’m doing well!

how about you?  Anyone working on their web pages?  Dusting them? (Rowyn?) Rearranging the deck chairs?



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