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The Great January Rebloggening Challenge!

Home Site HouseKeeping

Good morning! (Good afternoon, good evening, and good night)

It’s been a good week for web housekeeping!

Let’s see: I covered my work on the Fae Apoc Landing Page in last week’s post, even though that was in this week.  This week, I also worked on the Microfiction Landing Page!

Because a lot of my tootfiction was lost(*) when TootPlanet migrated to Ping.the-Planet, my Microfiction landing page has been a bit of a mess of broken links. Continue reading


… starting to think that “Talking about Writing” needs its own category, since I don’t have any place to put that.

NOR do I have a category for “prompt calls,” just a tag.

The Great August Rebloggening Challenge: Week 5 Check In

Home Site housekeeping Challenge

Hello Again! It’s time to check in on the Home Site Housekeeping Challenge!

And last week (Despite a blood test, a drive for a blood test that didn’t happen, an xray, an EKG, and … probably something else?) was pretty decent for me in the Home Site House-Keeping field!

So let’s see. I’m still in the process of putting up a new wiki, because nothing is ever easy, /woe, but I got several posts up on Patreon and on my blog here (even if three of the Patreon posts were the same Map of Cya’s Campground). Continue reading

The Great August Rebloggening Challenge: Week 4 Check In

Home Site housekeeping Challenge

Hello, my friends!

Well, as seems to happen to me, when I go about wanting to do something for a month, life decides to have other plans.

That is, I’ve been sick for 2+ weeks and have done… nothing or nearly nothing on the Home Site Housekeeping Challenge since the end of the August 8-14th week.

So I, at least, am going to continue this for three weeks of September, in hopes of getting into a habit I can keep up when I’m more healthy.

How’s everyone else been doing?

Do you have a more comprehensible About page or more posts on your front page? Have you scheduled some posts or cleaned up some documentation?


That’s going to be the theme for this week, gods above and below help me.

What sort of setting documentation do you have, if you need any? (If you do blog posts, do you have an index or tags for specific topics?)_

What do you need?

I challenge you – and me – to come up with one documentation you need this week, and to add it.

I’m also challenging my readers to come up with one documentation I need, and to mention it.

Bonus points if you can help me sort out what it is that I need 😉


Family Tree
List of Titles or Title-holders
Character Descriptions
List of Laws
List of Magic Types or Magic Spells
Reference links/posts
Description of Terms used

How did your Rebloggening Month go? Are you going to keep going into September?

Cheers, friends!

The Great August Rebloggening Challenge: Week 2 Check In

Home Site housekeeping Challenge

The Home Site Housekeeping Challenge has been going for two weeks now (And a bit, oops)

How’s your home site going?  Anything new and shiny?

Did you reach your goal this week? Did you change your goal this week?

Did you learn anything about your site?

Did you do the daily challenge?

What are your goals for next week?


A daily challenge for Monday: Find something either on your front page or your menu that you haven’t touched in a long time.

Does it still need to be there?  If not, delete it.

Does it need to be updated instead? Weekly challenge then!  Take a week and clean it up!


My turn for a check-in:

I got at least three things posted to the blog and the same to Patreon.  I got one session posted of Thimbleful, one month of Patreon Xposts, an addition to my Landing Page Landing Page, and worked on my Current Projects page, courtesy Kelkyag 😉

I also did the daily challenge I put up last week – I checked up my contact me page (It’s still up to date) and my Serial Fiction page (which needed some work)


Goal – 11

Done – 12

missed: nada! OTOH, this was closer to the bare minimum.

How’d you do?

Also: You can join in at any time!  Any number of “Things” per week is a good goal!

The Great August Rebloggening Challenge: Week 1 Check In

home site housekeeping

The Home Site Housekeeping Challenge has been going for a week!

How’s your home site going?

Did you reach your goal this week?

Did you learn anything about your site?

What are your goals for next week?


I have a daily challenge for us for the weekend! This one comes courtesy of Kunama, thank you!

(I am open to all sorts of options for challenges)

Add (or delete or move) something relevant to your “where to find my works” or “contact” page


My turn for a check-in:

Well, because of the Fishing Call, I posted 13 things on my blog (I ran out of room in my little sticker page!), so I blew through my 11-things goal and my 3-LTA-posts goal!

I got 4 posts on Patreon (one over that goal) annnnd… that’s almost it.

I did ONE session (two posts) of scheduling on ThimblefulThursday. (this entails: picking an idiom for the next letter of the alphabet, making sure I haven’t already done that one, making a little canva graphic, and then making the post).

Iron Curtain - write 500 words

oh oh!  I also changed my comments nesting to the max WordPress allows and I changed the user avatars to Letter-in-a-circle so they are a little bit distinctive. I disabled Gravatar, so let me know if that bothers you. I also made some avatars if I come up with a way to have WordPress randomly assign icons per post.

And I added another task to my list: a page of Summaries of My Works (i.e., that list of tell me what to write now)



Goal – 11

Done – 21

missed: Patreon xposts, Landing Page, Long Form Works page, Posting a weekly or Daily challenge.

How’d you do?

Also: You can join in at any time!  Any number of “Things” per week is a good goal!

The Great August Rebloggening Challenge

home site housekeeping challenge

Do you find yourself going “man, I really should…” about your web presence?

Are your links a mess?

Was your “about” last updated in 1999?

Do you have a page which references “current” serials you can’t even remember when you finished?

Do you want to move things to a new site, clean up old sites, or rearrange things so people can find something in particular?

Do you want to get into or back into a regular posting habit?

Welcome to the home site housekeeping challenge!

The Challenge:

Pick a number of tasks you wish to commit to doing per week (1, 3, 7, 11, ??)

Post weekly here for accountability, and on the hashtag #HomeSiteHousekeeping wherever else you post

List all the tasks you want to do

Break them into manageable tasks.


The reward:

A cleaner, fuller, happier home site!

Also, I will make badges.

Also-also, I encourage people to give feedback on changes and visit other challengers sites!

The Add-Ons:

I would love it if others would help me come up with occasional daily or weekly mini-challenges.  Daily should be small, able to be done in 10-15 minutes at the most.  Weekly can take up to an hour and a half total, I’d say.


Daily: What’s the part of your site you have changed the least recently?  Do you still need it? If not, time to archive it!

Weekly: Is there a graphic on your site that you look at every day? Should it be updated? (Is there a place you just NEED a graphic you don’t have?) Time to update it!


Who Can Join?

Everyone!  Anyone! You! 

Tell your friends! Tell your foes! Tell your mom! (Don’t tell my mom…)


It’s August first, friends! Let’s clean our sites!