February Theme Poll Complete

The poll has spoken!  Friendship is not only magic, it will be the theme of February’s Patreon!

I’m looking forward to some fun prompts for this month.

If you have some good ideas, now is a great time to wander over and join up at the $5 “To-do-list” level (where you get to sneak ideas onto my to-do list) or higher; since I’m about to go fix a broken pipe, might be a good time for the “toolbox and recipe box” level and since I’m on a map kick, you might enjoy the Map Case tier.

Too much?  Enjoy all the stories at the $1 level!

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Buffer? What Buffer?

Hi guys!

Sometime over December-January and my, uh, slight burn-out, I ran out of buffer on all but Hidden Mall (which has very short chapters). This leads to a stressed Lyn.

I am going to take next week (except Hidden Mall, already scheduled) off of posting fiction here – hopefully (fingers crossed) I’ll get Edally re-started next Tuesday. Everything currently posting (Haunted House, Funerary Rites, Row-Mance, Arcology prompts) will return the week afterwards.

There will still be fiction on my Patreon! I may manage to update AO3 as well, and hopefully also Ko-Fi.



February Patreon Theme Poll

Read Me Elsewhere

Looking for more of my fiction? It’s splattered all over the web like I threw it up in the air just to watch it fall down! (What a good strategy, Lyn…)

On Ko-Fi, free for anyone to read:
Too Old for This Cow Shit – Asta was too old for this shit.
Infertile Ground – She was, technically, a super-villain.
The Committee – The had a goal. It was just the flood in the way.
The Echos – There had been fifty of them. Now there were… not.
The Richards’ Swamp – The swamp was never quiet.

On Patreon – those that are free are marked with a * – This month is Bear Empire Month
Map of the Bear Empire – with Mountains!
Two Steps Forward – One step Back (A discussion of Marriages)
The Expectant Wood – Nimbus’ Journey continues as she and Cartwright search for the Watering Can
*Turn Around* – the third of the characters from Found Down Below, the other two being here: and   .

On Archive of Our Own – free to read and ongoing.
Exchange Students – Harry is going to Addergoole. Porter is coming to Hogwarts. Nothing could possibly go wrong!
Reconstruction – The war is over, and yet Harry, Hermione, and Ron, Neville, Luna, and Ginny find they have another war on their hands. What’s more, Harry appears to have an enslaved Draco on his hands.

On Mastodon – free to read and fun to join; super short fics
By A Nose
Cure the Cure

Patreon Theme Poll Results

The poll is closed, and below are the results!  I’m a little surprised to see Bear Empire won, but this will be interesting!

Bear Empire is the home of Deline and Carrone.  It is also, many centuries later, the home of my cyberpunk-esque-fantasy romance story Found Down Below.  I’ve been working on a conlang for it as well.

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2018 Writing – Not Really Much of a Review

I’m back to work, back awake, and looking at my numbers for 2018.

I put a copy of my summary sheet up on google docs if anyone is interested – 

In short, I divide my projects up into “For Money” (things written specifically for money-making directly, like something written for submission to an anthology or stuff written for Patreon, commissions, etc.), “For Audience” (stuff written with intent to post it or to draw in audience), and “For Fun” (Stuff I write because I feel like writing it at the moment).

Those fell at 21% / 58% / 21%, which is pretty much where I like to have them, though I’d love “for money” to get higher, of course.

My meatiest project was “Nathan Stories”, a novel I’m writing for/with/at the encouragement  of Cal, at 10% of my total words; “Continuing Stories”, which would be the stuff I post here, was more than that at 13.7%, 102,431 words total.

Patreon weighed in around the same amount as Nathan, at 10% as well, although that’s a jillion tiny projects in one.

After that came Eva Novel and OtStrange, two of the novels I’m working on, and Edally Academy.

And that’s a year, folks!



Advance Notice: 10K Livewriting Day

Hello all!

On December 26th, from approx. 8 or 9 a.m. ’till the same in the p.m. (Eastern time)*, I am going to open up a google doc (or something similar) and start writing.

I’m going to be aiming for 10,000 words.

I will be working primarily on one of my two current novel projects, probably OtStrange/Found Down Below  (this is a cyberpunk fantasy romance adventure), but I will also spend time working on all of my current projects, including

  • Funerary Rites, The Hidden Mall, Haunted House, and Running in the Bear Empire, my four weekly-posted stories
  • things for Patreon
  • The Rural Fantasy Aunt Family novel The Family Power

(I don’t focus well 😉

I’ll also probably be taking prompts.


* does the whole world use those names and if so, how did North America get the NA-centric names like Pacific, Central, Eastern?