Posting Schedule


I’ve been trying – with some success – to keep my postings to some sort of schedule. I thought it might keep me on track if I posted said schedule here.

I may be off by up to a day on any given post.

Edally Academy
Weekend blog post

Patreon “Bonus” post – a flashback, something I missed from the month before, or just a story not yet posted for the month
Tell-Me Tuesday – occasional writing prompts in the form of a question

Edally Academy
Buffy fanfic

Patreon – alternating weeks story & serial until serial is caught up
Throwback Thursday – a story from “this date in 20xx”, going back as far as 2005.
Thimbleful Thursday – an idiomatic writing prompt for tiny fiction

Edally Academy
Narnia Fanfic into Valdemar