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Hey, all, it’s time to pick the July Patreon Theme!

Each month, y’all pick a theme, and from there I write several stories posted to my Patreon (One is always free-for-everyone).

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This sort of thing…

Is what Evangaline and Beryl, et al, are having to do with many of the oldest Aunt Diaries.

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What was that? – A story for my Summer Giraffe Call

Written to rix_scaedu‘s prompt(s) here to my Summer Giraffe Call.

“What was that? Up there in the bushes?”

“Damn it, Shane, get out of my line of fire!” Donna looked up as Shane darted up into the brush, crossing in front of her not once but twice. “You’d think you’d never had any training at all, the way you’ve been bouncing everywhere this morning!”

“Sorry, chief, it’s just…” Shane ducked down behind a thorny bush, “there’s all sorts of…”

“Get down!” she shouted, as he stuck his head up again. For once, he obeyed, and Donna took down the monster stalking him with one bullet. “Damnit, this isn’t a walk in the park, you know. Stay down. Where there’s one… there.” She took out a second one, firing twice. “Get back here, and be careful.”

Shane headed back to Donna’s position, hunching forward to keep a low profile. “Sorry. It’s just…” He tumbled into the low gully where Donna was stationed. “This had to be a nesting zone, before the war.” He opened the front of his jacket. “The other ones, they’ve all been left alone too long, or they were just eggs. But this one…”

The head was similar to the things they’d been fighting since the first rain of spring. But it was tiny, smaller than a human baby, and its eyes were wide and nearly cute. Donna sighed.


“Well, I can’t very well put it back.” He buttoned his jacket up and pulled out the gun. “Besides. Maybe we can teach the young ones not to kill us.”

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Buffy: the Invitation (an Addergoole Crossover), Part VII

Buffy: The Invitation

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:
Part IV:
Part V:
Part VI:

Help! I’d like clever individual titles for these chapters as well – now taking suggestions for all 7!

“It’s some big, nasty, anti… anti-us ward?” Willow frowned both with effort and confusion.

“Very good, Willow.” Giles spoke through gritted teeth. “I did tell them we were coming…oh, bollocks.” He fell silent, gripping the wheel.

Xander’s fists were clenched. “Maybe they don’t want us?” he managed, although he was looking a bit nauseous. “Maybe this was all a big mistake and we should… what?” Everyone in the car had turned to look at him.

“Interesting,” Giles managed. “You are feeling…”

“Like a giant force-field is trying to push my out the back of the car? Yeah. I mean, I’ve felt worse…”

“I believe we’ve all ‘felt worse’,” Giles murmured. “And yet still…”

“No still, no nothing, man. Why are you going faster? Why are you not turning around?”

“I’m irked,” Giles snapped, “and I want them to be quite aware of this.”

“Well, um, Giles old buddy,” Xander gulped, “I get that, and everyone in the car is very aware that you’re, uh, irked, but you’re driving headlong into certain danger and that’s normally my job. So, um, maybe slow down just a little bit?”

And just like that, Giles let off the gas as the sense of danger and doom lifted from them. He brought the car down to a sedate pace and turned in his seat to look at Xander.

Xander swallowed. “What?”

“Tell me, Xander,” Giles’ voice was level and terrifyingly calm, “were you that frightened of my driving…?”

“What? No. No! It was just — it felt like the world was ganging up on us. You know, Apocalypse season?”

“I do wish you wouldn’t say that.” Giles sighed. “Well, that is quite interesting. It may be a very good thing indeed that you came along.”

“Well, duh, I mean, I provide much needed humor. But why… Why in specific?”

“Giles, I want to know, too.” Willow leaned forward. “I mean, we were all affected by the wards. Why is it interesting that Xander was?”

“Well, you and BUffy were invited. And I, uh… oh, dear.” Giles sighed. “I was hoping to put this off, but I suppose it can’t be helped. From what I can determine, Addergoole is an academy for a specific subset of very, mm, special students, which is why Willow and Buffy were invited.”

Xander swallowed. “Will and Buff are special, yep, we already knew that. Will’s got these magical witch powers and Buffy’s the Chosen One. Special.”

“Yes, well. There is special, and then there are, um. Other kinds of special.”

“Giles, just spit it out,” Buffy complained. “Is it ‘cause I’m dumb?”

“No way, Buffs, you’re way smarter than me, and I got in…” Xander put both hands over his mouth. “Just pretend I didn’t say that, okay?”


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