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Friday 5(ish) Minute Map & Sketch – Addergoole’s Village

In the setting of Addergoole, beyond the school, there is a little Village, described variously as “out of a Normal Rockwell painting,” “Small Town USA”, and “far too quaint.” It leads out to residential areas, where some people – parents, former students, staff – live, and where lady Maureen’s creche for, to be frank, unwanted children live.

I did a very sketchy elevation of the outside-facing part of the Addergoole-school part a couple weeks ago:


And then today, while in training with a bit of time, I did a bit of “five-minute” mapping of the Village itself and a sketch of part of it.

It is based in part on my memories of Spencerport, NY, Brockport, NY, Canandaigua, NY, and other nearby towns.

P.S. The library says “Falk Memorial Library.”
P.P.S. Click to embiggen.

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