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That Gal Thursday: Æowyn

Some people are just born to be social; Æowyn is one of those.

She’s a people-person, a social butterfly, a maven and a sometimes gossip; in a normal school, she’d be the head of her own clique. In later years at Addergoole, she probably will be the head of a crew.

This year, she’s Kept, and not very well-Kept at that. Her relationship with Fafnir (such as it is) restrains just how social she can be; all of her friends also being under a collar restrains it even more.

Æowyn is a slender blonde girl with bright blue eyes who stands barely 4’9″ tall. Her Change gives her scales down her chest and back, and poisonous fangs. It also gives her a temper to match the poison.

Only on one point has Fafnir given up: Æowyn doesn’t dress the way he’d like her to. She wears men’s button-down shirts and vests, newsboy caps and men’s slacks; only at the dances does she give in enough to wear skirts.

When un-Kept, she’ll probably wear tuxes to the dances.

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That Guy Thursday: Tigg

Tigg isn’t a bad guy, he’s just drawn that way.

Drawn to bad guys (and gals), that is: his Keeping by Manira wasn’t abusive, wasn’t really bad, but Manira has a similar style of Keeping to her own former Keeper, Phelen, so it was an immensely controlled year.

Tigg learned he liked having someone else make decisions. But when Manira left, what was he going to do?

He found Calvin.

Lucky for him, then Nessie found him.

Tigg has a hedgehog Change which leaves him spiky all over, but most specifically over his hair. He’s Mediterranean in ethnic appearance, suburban mid-east in upbringing, and goth-bondagage in fashion preference. Masked, his quills represent as spiked hair.

He’s learning that they take dye well, too.

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That Squirrel Thursday: Reese

Some people just can’t take anything seriously.

That’s Reese in a (ha) nutshell.

Of all of the hermaphrodites to have come through Addergoole (All three, at least, by year 9), Reese is the most comfortable being without-gender; the squirrel has fun blurring the lines whenever possible, and generally dresses in an androgynous and dapper fashion.

The red squirrel tail and ears are the most notable features about the slender squirrel, but looking beyond that, Reese has bright blue eyes, a narrow, straight nose, a beardless, square chin, and a slender body, hipless and with no real breasts to speak of.

Reese generally seems to be out of control – some of that is the squirrel Change, which had a mental component as well as the physical. Some of it is, by this point, an affectation: People expect Reese to be out of control, so Reese is.

Reese as a Kept was a much quieter squirrel; Reese as a Keeper might be terrifying.

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That Girl Thursday: Cody

Guest Entry by [personal profile] lilfluff
Cody sh’Leyla cy’Caitin oro’Yolanda

Cody knew exactly who she was at her old school. She was the school freak and a geek. A role she had come to accept and even take some defiant pride in. And when she was informed she would be sent to Addergoole she didn’t expect any of that to change. Then the changes started coming.

Early the first week Doctor Caitrin gave her a name for her body’s physically genderless condition, the first time any of her doctors actually spoke with her regarding it. In the second week the masks came off revealing students and staff with far more blatant differences than hers. Then Hell Night came and terrified her until her Change came upon her. Fortunately as she recovered in Doctor Caitrin’s office she found she now had a protector in the form of her keeper and a whole suite full of new friends.

Cody was only a bare fraction over five feet tall short before her Change. Her lack of height and androgynous features often meant she was mistakenly thought younger than she actually was. Which while annoying she found preferable to when people thought she was a boy. That wasn’t helped by her preference for dressing in overalls and wearing unflashy jewelry. She has tried growing her chestnut colored hair longer but has found that no matter what she does it soon looks messy and at least when it’s short it just looks tousled.

After her Change she lost two inches of height and while furless she has taken on an almost elfin-feline appearance. The pupils of her gray eyes are no longer circular, long whiskers have sprouted from her face, and her ears grew longer and mobile. The only thing missing to complete the appearance would be a tail. But given her lack of fur she soon decided that was a good thing. While her Change didn’t bring claws or other fearsome features she did find herself with better hearing and balance, puzzling new sensations from her whiskers, and a powerful leaping ability. She just needs to make sure not to jump headfirst into walls like she did when she first changed.

She has yet to identify an innate ability. She is capable of bringing extreme focus to tasks. To the point of shutting out the outside world. But, she was prone to doing this long Changing or even arriving at Addergoole. With little social life she would often turn this focus onto her studies working at times several months ahead, leading to the grades that she thought were the reason she’d been granted a full ride scholarship for Addergoole.

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That Guy Thursday: Nilam

(It’s Thursday where Rix lives!)

Nilam cy’Friedmar

At first glance, Nilam could easily pass for a particularly ruddy one of Aelfgar’s children. He’s built similarly – solid, pale skin, and a stubborn chin – although his hair is ginger, not blonde, and his skin is more prone to freckling.

He’s not all that tall – 5’11” – but very lanky, which he never outgrows. Despite his modest height, he tends to go around looking like he can’t quite get clothes to fit him; for all her flaws, Margherita at least gets him in the proper length pants.

His Change does not change him, physically all that much, and many of the mental changes are buried under the Keeping. His hazel eyes turn sapphire blue, and he gains three inches in height and loses 20 pounds.

As to his innate? We shall have to wait until he is no longer Kept to learn more about that.

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That Girl Thursday on Friday: Miryam

Cautious and yet friendly, Miryam had a winning smile even before her Change.

Once her power expressed itself, she had a smile to die for. Or kill for.

The petite girl has a miniature coke-bottle figure, everything in proportion in a 4’7″-tall package. Green antennae and green fairy wings top off her petite figure.

She has deep brown hair in corkscrew curls, warm brown skin, and eyes as green as her wings.

It’s hard to tell much more about her. She hides everything behind a small smile that can grow into an intoxicating, addictive grin in a heartbeat.

She tries not to leave much of an impression, but doesn’t bother not leaving the withdrawal behind her.

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That Guy Thursday: Thorburn

Is Thorburn just a big jerk?

Those, and other questions, such as what exactly is his Change, have yet to be fully answered in the course of the Addergoole story.

He’s domineering, pushy, and sometimes a little bit weird. His nightmares are the stuff of, well, nightmares – some of which we can probably blame on his former Keeper. Maybe all of it. But he is, slowly, unbending.

Thorburn is a tall guy, and a big guy, 6 foot 5 inches tall and broad across the shoulders. His friend Basalt is wider and stronger, but Basalt is made out of rock.

Thorburn has a square chin, startlingly pale blue eyes, a perpetual 5-o’clock shadow, and skin the color of chestnuts. He wears his hair in braids down to his chin.

He dresses primarily in T-shirts and jeans, although he owns, looks good in, and sometimes enjoys wearing nice dress clothes.

Nobody has seen his Change since he got out from under the Collar. Who knows when we will?

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That Girl Thursday: Akaterina (Kay, Kat)

Spunky. Mouthy. Energetic.

These are things that make for an engaging personality and, generally, a very combative Kept. These are all things that describe Akaterina cy’Maureen. Or, at least, they do when she’s not collared.

The oldest child of a single mother, Kay was friendly but not the center of attention in her old school, and expected the same when she came to Addergoole. What she found instead was Agravain and a collar.

She also found Zita, Dr. Caitrin, and friends, but it’s sometimes hard for her to remember that part.

She’s a densely-built girl on the short side of average (Swimming and vollyball in her old school), with mocha skin and black hair down to her hips. Her Change gives her long, pointed ears, and a point to her chin, too, as well as elongated fingers and toes.

For more description, see her wiki page here – http://agyearnine.wikispaces.com/Kay

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That Gal Thursday (Belated): Ellen

Ellen cy’Akinobu
Seventh Cohort
Crew: Shandar and Ciara, [Amadeus]

Some people walk into Addergoole and decide that they are simply not going to engage in the drama, stress, and trouble that is part and parcel of the education.

Ellen is one of those people.

Her Keeping by Rory Year 7 (read about Rory here and here, 3rd section) was, by Addergoole standards, a good one, mild, gentle, marred only by the mark Callista had inadvertently left on Rory. But it was still supernatural mind-control, and left Ellen with a distaste for
All Things Magical. Her philosophy in life is essentially: Keep your Head Down and Don’t Make Waves.

Perhaps understandably, this clashes with Ciara’s personality quite a bit.

Ellen is a short, busty girl, standing 5’0″ with an hourglass figure reminiscent of Jamie from Girls with Slingshots. She wears her curly brown hair in a short pixie cut, and prefers flowing, simple, natural clothes. She has green eyes and honey-brown skin; her Change gives her hair the same color as her eyes, long pointed ears, and a faint metallic sheen to her skin.

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Character Description: Garfunkle

skulldog is offering $7 icons, so I present to you a description of Garfunkle!

b. September 22, 1987
Father: unknown, shared with Kellagh (he does not know this, although he was raised by his father)
Mother: Shared with Isra, Shiva (nor does he know this)

Gar has never been what you’d call popular. He’s always had a couple friends, but his temper, a long-fuse-hot-explosion sort, has gotten him in trouble in more than one school and lost him more than a few friends. Never athletic, he took to the karate lessons his parents enrolled hm in like a fish to water but, despite their wishes, the martial art didn’t teach him to control his anger, just gave him further destructive force.

He’s good at classes without trying, an A student who tests and acts like a B-and-C student; he gets bored easily, and gets irritated even more easily. His teachers often came with pre-conceptions about him, which made them treat him like a troublemaker… which made him get angry, which made him make trouble. At the end of his last year of “normal” school, he’d just gotten kicked out for the third time. He assumes he’s being sent to Addergoole because his family’s run out of local schools to send him to and his dad’s not the type to go for military school.

He has one younger sibling he assumes is a while-sibling, but, then again, he thinks his stepmother is his mother. Fairuza will come to school three years after her brother. He is protective of Fairuza if she’s in trouble, but for the most part, doesn’t want much to do with her and ignores her and her girly friends. However, his temper has never exploded on her – or, until he comes to Addergoole, on any woman or girl.

He’s a solemn-faced teen of primarily Irish ancestry before his change, with pale ginger hair and dark blue-green eyes, a complexion prone to freckling and a very stubborn chin. He stands about 5’10” tall, with a bit of muscle on him, just enough to avoid being lanky or lean; he’s been trying to bulk out. He’ll have a nice chest and six-pack if he ever works for it. He keeps his hair cut very short to avoid the curl, and hasn’t started to grow in real facial hair yet.

He’s prone to wearing a hoodie over sarcastic-saying T-shirts and whatever jeans appear to fit; he wears combat boots unlaced and likes to wear a baseball cap when he’s not wearing a hoodie (and sometimes when he is).

His Change gives him a couple inches in the shoulders, chest, hips, arms, and thighs, making him a bit more solid. More importantly, it adds rocky plates to his arms and legs, a long ridge of the same rock above each ear, curving back down to meet in the back over his spine, and give him the ability to shoot off crags of the same red stone when he’s angry or threatened. He is not particularly a good candidate for, say, attacking in a hallway.

Unsurprisingly, he’s awesome at Eperu. He’s pretty good at Kwxe, decent at Panida and all right at Huamu. He rocks at Idu (ha), is pretty good at Buli, and is passable at Abutu and Jasfe. He will never master Tuapeka or Hugr, and will only be halfway decent at Masking.

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