That Girl Thursday: Akaterina (Kay, Kat)

Spunky. Mouthy. Energetic.

These are things that make for an engaging personality and, generally, a very combative Kept. These are all things that describe Akaterina cy’Maureen. Or, at least, they do when she’s not collared.

The oldest child of a single mother, Kay was friendly but not the center of attention in her old school, and expected the same when she came to Addergoole. What she found instead was Agravain and a collar.

She also found Zita, Dr. Caitrin, and friends, but it’s sometimes hard for her to remember that part.

She’s a densely-built girl on the short side of average (Swimming and vollyball in her old school), with mocha skin and black hair down to her hips. Her Change gives her long, pointed ears, and a point to her chin, too, as well as elongated fingers and toes.

For more description, see her wiki page here –

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