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Preptober Post 1!

NaNoWriMo 2020

1) An Idea – an elevator pitch of the project you want to do

1) “A Compendium of Completion” sounds better than “Finish It”, but it’s the same concept: I am going to take ~ 50/3 extant writing projects, stories, beginnings, and/or ideas and… bring them to a satisfying completion.

Not like, the novel they were meant to be or anything, i.e., Arrisse and Chress (Rock/Hard Place) might be a romance novel eventually, but I want to complete one arc of their story, approx 10K words total.

Currently on the list are Rock/Hard Place, the Uncle’s…Pet? and Autumn Lightning/Afterwards, which I am aiming to have take up 1/3 of my nano time.

I’m working off these lists but more off what catches my fancy than the polls for my choices –

Links for the Poll

Poll Links II

(If there’s something you’d really  like me to write a satisfying stop-point to, let me know before Oct. 26th)

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Upcoming Plans~

I have plans for Autumn and Winter!

October: The Squish-Squash Prompt Call!  Check it out and leave a prompt; comment on stories you want to see continued.

October, too: Preptober!  Gonna end up starting a little late – probably tomorrow, maybe as late as the 15th.

November: NaNoWriMo!  I’m going to do a series of completions, and maybe a story for submission.

Compendium of Completion

December:  Map-vent.  A new event I’m making up.  25 days of maps. Or work on maps.  Mapping on Maps.

Late December: Live Writing Day – see this tag – http://www.lynthornealder.com/tag/livewriting-day/ – for past years of livewriting days! I have off:  Friday, December 25-Friday, January 1, 2021.  One of these days (probably Wednesday), I will be doing a full day of writing.

January: Sleep!

A Finish-It Follow-Up in leading up to NanoWrimo

NaNoWriMo 2020

Okay, so back in 2017 for NanoWrimo I did a year of Finish It.

This year I am going to do something similar.  No new poll; I’m going to start on or about Oct 1st with 100-500 words of notes on each story I want to finish and see where I get. (That’s about 2/3 of nano, the other 1/3 being finishing this nearly-done novel set…)


Here are the links from 2016.

If you find something you a) really really feel strongly about or b) think I really oughta have on one of these lists that I don’t, feel free to suggest it. 

Finish It In November, a poll

Links for the Poll

Poll Links II

nanowrimo: outlined so far

My goal is to have 25 stories outlined so I have some room to change my mind if something isn’t talking to me.

In addition, I have 3 days earmarked for Patreon and 2 days for a story-for-submission.

We’ll see how far 50,000/30 days takes me!

One more poll coming up, but this is what I have outlined (for a very short version of outlining that’s about 250 words each) so far: Continue reading

Nano (or other writing!) prep: Track your Words

I was going to write up a post of links to word trackers, but this site has lots of the widgets.

Do you track your wordcount? When you’re doing nano, do you use their site exclusively, or do you keep your words somewhere else? A widget tracker? A spreadsheet? What about when you’re not doing nano?

I like tracking things. I like tracking things a lot.

My current monthly wordcount chart looks like:

some other charts and tables of mine visible here.

It was modified in part from Svenja Gosen’s awesome sheets, which I seriously recommend you check out.

While that’s where I started, there are a few other sites that look good for spreadsheet templates:

This one actually looks nice, though the page itself is a bit iffy.
Nidonocu’s site is a few years out of date, but their (2009) tracker includes a calculation for words per minute, which is interesting.
The Sprint Shack (follow them on twitter if you like wordsprints!) has a very stripped down words/day whole year tracking spreadsheet
Here’s another whole-year tracker.
Justin McLachlan’s makes good use of conditional formatting, showing you % complete and +/- goal numbers.
This form is so stripped down as to barely be worth the bother, but the tips are kind of interesting.
And this Nano Report Card has some nice journalling stuff, rather similar in concept to Svenja Gosen’s but with a less pretty interface and more journalling. (“Primary Writing Location?” “Morale?”)
This one comes with a big thermometer-like bar showing progress!

There are probably more; I only went through two pages of google results. <.<

Tracking is, I think, very individual. What do you want out of your tracking (if you want it?)

Do you know of other tracking resources – or even other SORTS of tracking resources? Let me know!

Bonus link: this page has some generators and some other interesting stuff as well as spreadsheet links.

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Nano (or other writing!) prep: Good name sites

So, you’re writing something! Good, good, that’s always a good first step no wait.

So, you’re planning on writing something! (or pantsing, in which case come back to this post in November, or whenever you write it 😉

You probably have characters, and they probably need names.

(I got through two very long chapters of a theoretical serial without naming the characters, once. I’m pretty sure the Finder is just named Finder by now).

Names with Meaning
Behind The Name is the most accurate, comprehensive name site I’ve found.
Think Baby Names is also pretty good.
20,000 Names has nice lists: “Dark” Names. “Weather” Names. And so on.
Want to name a character appropriately for a historical American era?
the Social Security Database goes back to 1879 with the top names for each year.
Via [personal profile] anke: “In case anyone wants to name someone from Germany, www.beliebte-vornamen.de has lists of the most popular baby names from 1890 to the present. just pick the birth year and see
And here’s a huge resource on historically accurate names: The SCA’s name articles
A Name-suggester site (“I like this name.” “Try these names.”) via [personal profile] meridian_rose

If you can still get your hands on a phone book, that’s a great way to pick out surnames.

Or check out Wikipedia’s lists of most common surnames by location.

Names with no Meaning
Fourteen Minutes has a lovely random-name-sound generator
Springhole has several name generators
Seventh Sanctum is like the granddaddy of name generators
Chaotic Shiny has quite a few name generators, too.
This one’s new to me (Mithril & Mages) but makes some fun names.
Serendipity Generators via [personal profile] meridian_rose

A list of Naming resources via [personal profile] meridian_rose

Baby Name Wizard, via [personal profile] inventrix and Cal’s long and useful discussion on Behind the Name and Baby name Wizard.

There! Now that all your male characters are no longer named Jack (or maybe that’s just my problem), you’re ready to go.

Well, I mean, your characters are ready to go…

…well, at least they have names.

Know any more great sites? Let me know!

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