Preptober Post 1!

NaNoWriMo 2020

1) An Idea – an elevator pitch of the project you want to do

1) “A Compendium of Completion” sounds better than “Finish It”, but it’s the same concept: I am going to take ~ 50/3 extant writing projects, stories, beginnings, and/or ideas and… bring them to a satisfying completion.

Not like, the novel they were meant to be or anything, i.e., Arrisse and Chress (Rock/Hard Place) might be a romance novel eventually, but I want to complete one arc of their story, approx 10K words total.

Currently on the list are Rock/Hard Place, the Uncle’s…Pet? and Autumn Lightning/Afterwards, which I am aiming to have take up 1/3 of my nano time.

I’m working off these lists but more off what catches my fancy than the polls for my choices –

Links for the Poll

Poll Links II

(If there’s something you’d really  like me to write a satisfying stop-point to, let me know before Oct. 26th)

This is the Nanowrimo Preptober Schedule:

  1. Develop a Story Idea (September 13-19)
  2. Create Complex Characters (September 20-26)
  3. Construct a Detailed Plot or Outline (September 27 – October 3)
  4. Build a Strong World (October 4-10)
  5. Organize Your Life for Writing! (October 11-17)
  6. Find and Manage Your Time (October 18-24)

Obviously I can’t quite do things in that order for a bunch of stories so I’m going to divide the remaining month into 7 and do it this way over three days:

1.  Pick a story and decide where I want it to go. 
Create a listing of the characters already involved and any descriptions therein. 

2. Construct an outline and flesh it out; determine an approximate wordcount and increase it by 10%

3. Note anything about the world I want to expand upon, anything already established in the story, anything that needs to be highlighted. Spend a day worldbuilding for fun. 

The last two days will be spent on Nanowrimo’s 5 and 6, and then Nanowrimo will begin.

1. Today is Eralon Explains/The Second Restriction

The Second Restriction, a story of the Giraffe Call (@rix_Scaedu)

Eralon Explains, a story for the Giraffe Call

a. Characters and other things already established

The Country – Foros

The God – Eralon (He is the most talkative of the gods, at least)

The people – the Oracle (one of many); Lesser High Priest of the Evening, the  Duty Scribe

Higher High Priest of Evening

Three burly acolytes

The Restrictions –  of those that didn’t actively help make Foros a better place, only the second and the seventh seemed to make it worse.

Second (build bridges where the path should be passable by foot.)

Oracles have their seat and there are six other methods of contacting the gods.

Thin line of red tiles around the Oracle’s chair/dais

what about the third requirement?

b) possible directions

This is setting up to be Eralon explaining the requirements – possibly all of them.  I’m not sure why the Lesser High Priest of the Evening asked about the third instead of the seventh. Maybe he’s working his way up to the seventh.

So what I know:

there are many gods.  There are 7 methods of contacting them.

Eralon likes to talk a lot.

The priesthood clearly has a robust structure and clearly has relied on the oracles (to their detriment)

“The ones who could hear the god Eralon – or any of the gods, but Eralon liked to talk the most – they tended to go mad very quickly. And the rest could be induced to simulate madness with the right smoke.”

The priests mentioned so far have been male; the oracle mentioned has been female.  That doesn’t mean that it’s everyone, because a Lesser and Higher High priest of Evening suggest the same of morning and afternoon at least and Lower Priests of all of these, the acolytes are just burly.

(This is a VERY Robust structure.  I hope the priesthood gives something back to the community).

So Eralon Explains – and then perhaps they call on the other gods./deities.


Now taking suggestions for a) other restrictions, b) other gods, c) anything the priests do

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