nanowrimo: outlined so far

My goal is to have 25 stories outlined so I have some room to change my mind if something isn’t talking to me.

In addition, I have 3 days earmarked for Patreon and 2 days for a story-for-submission.

We’ll see how far 50,000/30 days takes me!

One more poll coming up, but this is what I have outlined (for a very short version of outlining that’s about 250 words each) so far:

Note:  Some of these titles are self-evident and others are not. 

For instance, “Paint the Town Blue” is Addergoole, Clarisse (paint it blue, paint me blue). “Showing, Telling” is Dragons Next Door, Junie and the Bullies.  Promises and Oaths is Old promises and Old Oaths, Samurai-in-a-box. 

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