The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call

Teal Deer: If you’re a Patreon Patron, or if you leave a tip from now— Nov. 29th via Ko-Fi or Paypal, leave me a prompt on any one of the last 12 months’ Patreon themes (or Nov 19’s theme) and I will write you words.

The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call

Hello gentlefolk!

For NanoWrimo this year (yep, it’s coming up that quickly!), I am going to let you — specifically my Patrons and tippers — tell me what to write.

This is how it works:

You leave a prompt!  Or a lot of prompts!

There’s 12 themes for the last year, plus the theme for November 2019 (Demifiction).

You can leave a prompt on one or any or all of them. 

And then each weekday, I write about 1050 words to said prompts.

If you are a Patreon patron, I’ll write approximately 250 words x your monthly pledge amount to (at least one of) your prompt(s).  If you’re a Ko-Fi or Paypal tipper, 250 words x your tip amount.

I’ll post one story a weekday, and you can also tip (KoFi or Paypal) or prompt (if you haven’t already) for a continuation of the story any time during November.

Example: The Thirteenth Theme is Demifiction.

$1/Month Patron Judy prompts an X-file case file in Fae Apoc.

250 words gets us a decent cover page and abstract, something about a squid-person in a swamp.

Reader Tony thinks this is a fun idea and tips $6 via KoFi, and I add on 1500 more words of file notes, phone call transcripts, and maybe, if I’m feeling really motivated, a map of the area where the Squid Person keeps being sighted.

$5/Month Patron Doe wants to know what’s going on from the Squid Person’s point of view, so I write them a 1250-word story to that prompt.

And voila.

(“But Lyn,” you say, “1050 words a weekday is only half a Nano!”

This is true, most astute reader.  I plan on actually catching up on Patreon for half of the remainder, 12,500 words or 525/weekday, and for the rest, working on Maps and Chapbook art (editing, binding, etc), at a rate of 525 words per half hour of solid work, or, rather, 272.5 words per 15 minutes, a rate that is in line with my normal production rates for words.)

(This is actually more like 300/7 minutes but I can only repeat that approximately 3x/hour, 4 if I am really focusing).


  • A Catch-up on Patreon (this also gives Patrons any backlogged stories, maps, recipes, and so on 😉
  • A coherent NanoWrimo theme that still changes every day.
  • Map-making and drawing and crafting, which is soothing, during November.
  • Data towards getting a sense of how much I ACTUALLY get done in crafting for 15 minutes or a half hour.
  • Some potential income in addition to my normal Patreon income (see below)
  • A chance to do more for my Patrons than normal!

This gives you: 

  • A chance to tell me what to write
  • A really good discount on my commision rates (normally two cents/word)
  • A chance to catch up on any monthly theme you missed
  • 20+ new stories to read.

I’ll any split proceeds between a cover art fund for my first 2020 E-book and my fund for A Day of Writing for Lyn, with Chocolate.

Monthly Themes

November — Repairing the World
December — The Aunt Family


January — The Bear Empire

February — Friendship

March — Research

April — Gardens and Gardening

May — Gates, Borders, and Crossings

June — Dragons Next Door

July— Arts and Crafts

August — Lazy Days and Holidays

September — Tír na Cali 

OctoberStranded World

November Demifiction/Fictional Non-Fiction

(Demifiction: things that are non-fiction within a fictional universe. Newspaper articles, wanted posters, advertisements, letters between characters, book reviews, shopping lists….)


Made it to the bottom?  

If you are a Patreon Patron at any level, or if you have left me a Paypal or Ko-Fi tip, Leave me a Prompt!


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