Wednesday (right?) with clearance and whiffle balls

The former owners of our house were, we’re beginning to believe, very short people. Very. Short. We are *cough* not.

The ceilings in many places in the house are at about 6’8″ (2.03 meters). T. is about 6’4″ tall (1.93 meters).

We have spent a fair amount of time measuring things like light fixtures and doorways for T-head-clearance (and a few things for the rather shorter Lyn-head-clearance. It’s surreal.

More surreal? Generally, there’s maybe 6″ between the floor of the upstairs and the ceiling of the downstairs. Maybe a foot.

There’s 30 inches. 30 inches (0.762 meters) between the living room floor and the floor of the finished attic above. Yes, we will be (not this year) raising the ceilings, at least a foot (still not Chandelier heights).

This house has a lot of what-were-they-thinking. Today’s (via gchat):

T:…in here with me my moist and the cat
who thinks I look / smell funny
as I am moisted [[It’s been pouring for three days]]
whiffle ball removed from downspout on house
gutters work much better now
me: whiffle ball?
T: tho the whiffle ball did strain the leaves nicely
which clogged its little holes
me: ducks
T: gutter over front door

So, yes. There was a whiffle ball in our gutters. O_O

Links of the day: [personal profile] lilfluff introduced me to this lovely short story, and although I’m not a huge organic-textiles place, I like this one.

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0 thoughts on “Wednesday (right?) with clearance and whiffle balls

  1. I hope that’s 30 inches between the ceiling of your living room and the floor of your attic or else everyone who goes into your living room has to crawl or something. Over here people use tennis balls to plug their down pipes if a bush fire is coming – wet down the roof and fill the gutters, that sort of thing – but you’d take it out afterwards.

    • well, as I’ve said from the beginning, we bought a fixer-upper because it was what we could afford, and because we wanted to put our own stamp on the house. Stands to reason it would have work to be done on it, no?

      • The comment about crazy was directed at the ceilings. That is just really odd. And figes you more to work on in terms of fixing up, things that aren’t normally something you need to worry about.

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