Thursday with the urge to spend

The more time I spend thinking about the new house, the more I want to Buy All The Things for it. Part of this is totally justified – there’s a lot of Things that need buying for this place. But I have to be reasonable (I hate being reasonable) and prioritize the Need It To Live, and the Too Ugly to Bear, and then the Decorating Things can come later.

We ha- I haven’t worked much on the house since Tuesday (T. spent much of yesterday over there, in the pouring rain). The bathroom is the current project, fixing some O_O and some WTF into tolerable, adding towel rods, etc.

The previous owners left stuff, and then for good measure, stuff, all over the place. The current found list includes:

At least 4 toddler trucks (the ride-on-them sort)
Two screw-top bottles of wine
8 gallons of paint, all opened
5 vases
1 set of bedding, incl. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pillowcase
and a bedframe.

[personal profile] meeks has illustrated (LJ) my story the Deep Inks; she’s also illustrated (LJ) [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith‘s poem Restoration.

(Comments help sponsor more work on the project; if you have not commented on Meeks’ work before, tell her I sent you! 🙂

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith wrote a lot of lovely stuff from this fishbowl, but of the stuff that’s public, I like this the most.


Links of the day – a very small cabin and

via [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, and relevant to my fae apoc history writing: a potential ancestor


Vocab will return when I’m less exhausted all the time.

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  1. I appreciate the signal boost. Good luck with the new house. *chuckle* My parents once bought a trailer and plot of land. It looked as if someone had pushed most of a house off the edge and just left the rubble down there. Clothes. Bricks. Boards. Toys. Appliances. … up to and including the kitchen sink.

    • We looked at a house – trailed, actually – like that. The realtor tried to tell us it was the “country way.” If I hadn’t felt so bad for him, trying to sell such an obvious piece of shit (it had been nice, once, and then ruined)… I would have mentioned my country family, none of whom leave tires in the back 40. Ever. (there’s a toilet in the lean-to behind the garage.)

      • 0_o Eww. Though to be fair, around here it’s common for people to pile junk in their yard or somewhere: because they can’t afford to have it removed. We haven’t been able to afford garbage pickup for years. When I was little, it wasn’t even an option; nobody serviced our area. And the one time we hired a dumpsters to try and clean out the garage, it cost several hundred dollars and didn’t even hold all the junk. Not likely to do that again.

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