Call for Prompts mostly-done summary

My call for prompts is up (and on LJ), and I’ve gotten a fair bit of writing done.

I’m now waiting for the people who donated to finalize their continuation choices. If you’d like to donate, you can have any prompted story continued at a discounted rate of $1/100 words.

Little Lost Kitty-Girl, Tir na Cali
Not Even a Bullet
Deeper in, a continuation of Down, Down, Down.
No More Waiting, a continuation of Waiting

Found, after Dusting Lost Thoughts, after Lost & Found
Love and Lovers
Down, Down, Down
The Lost Road
Swimming Alone
Left Behind
Too Hot for Prime Time, Tir na Cali

Isi, Waiting, Addergoole yr 22-23
Fleeing the City
Lost and Found
Pissing Away Time, Addergoole yr 9
Dusting Lost Thoughts, directly after Lost and Found
Preconceptions, in the same setting as Down the River, from my gender-funky call for prompts.

I’ve started working on the continuation of Spring Break, too, from the Abduction Prompt-Call

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