Wednesday, in other people’s stuff

One of the projects this weekend was sorting through boxes of crap stuff crap from the attic spaces in the house. The steamer trunk I posted earlier was part of that – more of a treasure than a crap – as well as a solid-wood kitchen cabinet that had been sitting in our (wet) basement (dealing with the leak in the basement is our Major Home Expense for the year, knock on wood).

But among the piles of stuff were two boxes of fabric. Stash, if you will. Someone in this house had, in the 70’s from the looks of things, been the sort of sewer who saves every little scrap. Of polyester plaid. And polyester denim. Oy.

Most of it was too small, too polyester, or too random-bits to be of any use, but I salvaged a few pieces of cotton flannel, their denim scraps (the real denim), and a few other things. And since I found this little contest, some of those scraps will be getting a new life. 🙂


Micah has posted to let us know she’s not dead!

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has introduced me to the Dreamwidth community [community profile] poetree.

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