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Addergoole Main timeline takes place in 1999, Year 5 of the School.

Year 9 is thus 2003-2004. As a reference point, the apocalypse in this setting begins in June 2011.

Hell Night is the Second Saturday of the School Year.
“His,” & “I Hate You” are the Sunday after that.
“Keys” an “Dark Corners” are the Monday after that.
“Arguments with one’s self” Tuesday after that, followed by “Support in Strange Places”
There’s a dance that Saturday, 3rd Saturday
“Say Yes” is the following Tuesday, the third Tuesday of the school year.
“Misery Loves” is the day after that
Prevention v. Cure is this week, 4th week of the year
Skip weekend, 4th weekend
dance weekend, where something happens to Ahouva (as mentioned in the 3-Way stories), 5th weekend
Skip weekend, 6th weekend
dance weekend, 7th weekend
The Three-Way series of shorts (which starts with Witness) takes place the Sunday starting the 8th week.

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