Refurbish and Sell – Criminal Minds/Cali Crossover

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This is more of the Reid/Cali crossover fanfic, directly after the last piece.

The stories before this:
Never Been Caught (and on LJ): First written, last in sequence.

Shots Fired (and on LJ): First in sequence

“Well, Crap, Where am I?” (and on LJ), after “Shots Fired”

Sweet Iced Tea (LJ), after “Well, Crap…” and before the story below.

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Their captive sipped his iced tea slowly, watching them. “You’re the team that’s been beating the BAU to the punch.”

“We are,” Morrigan re-affirmed.

“What have you been doing with the victims?”

“We’re slave runners. We’ve been cleaning them up, dressing them up, and selling them.” There was no point in sugar-coating what they did; it wasn’t like he wouldn’t find out soon enough anyway.

He studied her while he drank the saccharine tea. “You rescue them from serial killers just to sell them into slavery. It seems like a cruel joke to pull on them, doesn’t it?”

Them, still. She wondered when he would figure it out.

“It’s kinder than leaving them there and letting hem be raped, tortured, and killed, isn’t it? That last one – the guy with the birds-nest beard. Did your people get everyone out of his crawl space yet?”

He shook his head. “When we left for Georgia, they were still exhuming bodies. They had pulled out twenty-seven full remains, and three partial sets, one of them just the fingerbones from a left hand – they believe that was his first victim, due to the age of the remains. But the evidence suggested there had been two living victims there as well, one of whom who had been pretty severely injured.”

“We treated his injuries, and gave him several sessions with a very skilled therapist.” See? We can be nice, too. Morrigan would have laughed at herself, if Cym wasn’t doing such a good job of it in the other corner. “We’ll treat your injuries, too, when we’ve evaded pursuit sufficiently.”

“My injuries?” He squeaked when he was upset. It was adorable. “That’s not necessary. You can drop me at any hospital; I have very good health insurance. I appreciate the rescue, but I don’t need to burden you any longer.”

Aaaw. She almost felt bad for him as she patted his shoulder. “I think you’ll be with us for a while, Agent Reid.” Cleaned up, refurbished… but she wasn’t sure she’d sell him.

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18 thoughts on “Refurbish and Sell – Criminal Minds/Cali Crossover

  1. :} I’m not sure whether to think she’s into challenges, or that she likes the idea of having someone who even if not approving will still have some understanding of her work.

      • yeah, that was something that occurred to me as well…the others are going to have more gratefulness and less previous training to be broken.

      • Hmm… I’m going to guess there’s an, “If you see who we really are, one way or another you don’t walk away,” rule. Of course whether he’ll appreciate being saved from being tossed out on the market is another question. Perhaps a professional-to-professional, “You know I’m going to try and escape and I know you’re going to try and stop me and we both know it’s nothing personal, so in the meantime there’s no reason we can’t treat each other decently,” compromise. (Yes, at some point I’m going to have to watch this show)

        • (I have been told I do a tolerable portrayal of Reid, but I’m intentionally not writing any of the others. He’s a bit of a strange nut, genius, theoretically autistic but he doesn’t really present that way in the show (maybe to people who don’t know any autistic people he does). Shy nerd genius.

          • Why do you say he’s theoretically autistic? I’ve seen fan theories that he’s aspie/autistic, and fanfic regarding same, but the show has never so much as implied either, except through socially-awkward behavior.

            • Fan theory, I think. I don’t think he’s been described that way in the show, but I could be wrong… unless…. that one where he’s remembering his father leaving?

              • Revelations, where it’s a drugged memory, or The Instincts, where it’s a hypnosis-induced memory of his father burning clothes (not actually leaving)? His parents often refer to him as special, or perfection, or not statistics, but never explicitly as nonneurotypical.

  2. She doesn’t have to sell him to make money out of him, 🙂 He’s a genius, recognised specialist in his field, published papers, degrees and you can Google(or eqivalent) him, right? Hire him out to stud in Tir na Cali academia and possibly the Agency.

      • Heh. Now trying to picture him running through a list of things he’s told he’ll be expected to do. “1, provide intelligent company; 2, do additional research with provided resources; 3, provide manual donations of genetic material for research into the genetic basis of intelligence.”

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