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They didn’t think Juniper was listening, but, then again, the grown-ups rarely did. Even Cxaidin and Zizny, who were normally so much more rational than her own parents (or the teachers in school, who were either stupid or mean), talked right over her when it was something they thought she shouldn’t understand. Of course, it was a lot easier for them to talk over her; they were huge.

Today it was all four of them, her Mom and Dad and Jimmy’s parents, while she sat with Jimmy and Baby and Cthannie and the erbiss, oiling Jimmy’s scales, burping Baby, and listening to every word.

“What are you going to do?” Dad was asking quietly. “That sort of threat…”

“If we were back in the old country, it would be easy,” Zizny rumbled. “But here, the humans are – no offense – but they’re very thin-skinned. If we dealt with this … interloper… in the traditional way, the police would be beating down our door.”

“Yes, they would be,” Mom murmured. “I can see where making poacher flambé would be bad for PR.” PR, Juniper had learned, was the art of looking better than you were, or at least of convincing people you were better than they thought you were. Jin said she needed better PR for school.

“Rather,” Cxaidin sighed. “I’d love to be able to roast everyone who tries to hurt our children.”

“I’m with you on that,” Sage agreed. Juniper snuggled Tay-tay closer. Her Daddy loved her and wanted to protect her. It was a wonderful feeling. And Jimmy’sparents wanted to protect him. But what were they going to do about the bad guy?

Seemed like Mom had the same question. “So what will you do?”

“We have called the police,” Zizny grumbled. “But they told us that it would take a while before they could investigate, because we chased him off.”

“Mmm. That can happen,” Dad agreed. “And in the meantime, he’s out there chasing down whatever it is he or his employers want, all over the neighborhood. You know, Cxaidin, Zizny, the public will be very upset if they see that you have taken the law into your own claws.” He said it funny, like there was a meaning in there he didn’t want to say out loud.

“True…” Zizny puffed smoke, which usually meant deep thinking or irritation. “True.” The dragon sounded, Juniper thought, rather pleased.

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13 thoughts on “Loophole

  1. “You know, Cxaidin, Zizny, the public will be very upset if they see that you have taken the law into your own claws.” Now I’m wondering if Juniper missed an emphasis on, “if they see that you have taken the law into your own claws.” Sort of a: do what you must if you need too, but don’t rub it in peoples faces that you’ve done so. Which could include preparing in some way to stop the poacher without killing or maiming them.

  2. Of course, Sage being former law enforcement may be able to get some attention paid. Or help line Cxaidin or Zizny up a consulting gig with the cops, who probably don’t have a poaching specialist …

  3. Neighbourhood backyard gossip? How well would the poachers do if the neighbourhood were keeping a look out for baby-murdering strangers?

  4. I like the above ideas of a neighborhood watch and the dragons getting a consulting gig with the police. That’s my vote. Also, a Neighborhood Watch in this place would be SCARY.

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