Novella ploting request for HALP! – Autumn/Stranded

Guys, halp!

Autumn’s positive traits/skills?
Negative traits/flaws?

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3 thoughts on “Novella ploting request for HALP! – Autumn/Stranded

  1. Positive: relief from the heat and humidity of summer, associated with harvest and plentiful food, Halloween and Thanksgiving — two really great holidays!, all the pretty colors of the fall foliage, nights are cool enough to snuggle around a fire. Negative: things start to die, shorter daylight hours, you sometimes need to run the heater at night and the AC the next day. Goals? I dunno.

  2. She is an out-of-the box thinker, and is artistic. She makes chaos work (I’d go nuts, myself). For negatives, the chaos could be a negative as well. She is not as impulsive as Spring was as a child, but she does act on impulse. I don’t know what her goals are, and I’m not sure she does either. Which can be plot in and of itself.

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