Monday and still a little sick

Good morning. My throat is raw, but that doesn’t stop me from typing!

This weekend was full of painting (trim for the bedroom, inside and out) and mudding (bedroom), shopping (bulk food store, mostly for spices (we were out of cinnamon) and the Asian market for garlic to plant (yes, we decided to go with store garlic and hope for the best). It was also the Giraffe Call and working on nano, hindered by my body continuing to declare “sleep time now!”

This week, I am hosting at [community profile] poetree; if you’ve been reading 1000 years or so and there’s a poem of mine you like & think I should share, please let me know.

Michikip is hosting a Free Icon Day!!

cluudle has been posting some delicious fiction; go read!

And [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has up a poll for fishbowl themes

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2 thoughts on “Monday and still a little sick

  1. For some reason I stuck my allergy medicine in a drawer at work instead of leaving it in my bag. My nose has been scolding me for this all weekend. :/ Hopefully your throat and my nose will both forgive us soon.

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