I do believe it’s Thursday, Right?

Yesterday, a 70F day in mid-November, I stayed home sick (actually sick, but mostly a mild office cold I was trying to beat before it was no longer mild), wrote 3500+ words, over 2100 of which were for my Nanowrimo, and sorted the last of the apples.

I need to get back into the swing of house stuff before it’s too cold to do anything, but the plumber prospects are at least looking up.

Newest house weirdness: it appears that, sometime along the line, someone actually taped the drywall corners…

…wait for it…

…with masking tape. *facepalm*


[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith is taking ideas for future fishbowl themes here.

And if you have not yet read her epic Igor’s Creature, I strongly suggest you do so now. Right now. Go. I’ll be here when you get back.


[personal profile] meeks has worked her magic again, and it’s thematic to my nano!

Go see her sketch of Autumn, updated.
(and on LJ).


And Rix_Scaedu has two amazing new pieces up:
Tales Behind The Verses: Between Eighteen and Nineteen – Part 1 and Astrith.

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14 thoughts on “I do believe it’s Thursday, Right?

  1. Oh man, those crazy people! It’s like the time I found the last owner of my car put duct tape over the rust on the runningboards, and then painted over it. *sighs* Some people are crazy, and don’t care.

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