Hump Day!

Yesterday was mellow, getting-over-sick and somehow writing 4025 words (woo).

We made “pumpkin” “pie” for the first time this season, one of my favorite desserts.

(make pie custard with butternut puree, then pour into a casserole sans crust and bake. Nom! Also much lower-calorie that way).

We bought a nice Dremel for T. to do some work with, and he enjoyed making wood chips all over the living room.

(The situation: the “card room” is a small former-porch-maybe, 8’x8′, off the living room, next to the bedroom. Its floor is 4″ higher than the living room, and will hopefully be lowered next year. Its ceiling was just a scoootch lower than the living room’s, the difference covered by a styrofoam wood beam. We removed the beam to find that someone had cut off the wall studs about 1″ lower than the ceiling. So to cover the hole smoothly, we needed to saw off these Very Very Firm Studs. hence, tiny Dremel saw!)

(Also? Tiny Dremel saws are awesome.)

((Also? I finally have a Dremel and now I don’t want vampire fangs O_O))

I posted 100 more words on the linkback incentive (LJ) for [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith‘s signal boost, but I have a feeling I’m missing some. 550 words = 11 linkbacks.

And, since the prompts stay open until I write the last prompt, I’ve still got two to go!

On LJ –
and on DW –

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3 thoughts on “Hump Day!

  1. Did you initially decide to get a Dremel to make vampire fangs, or what has the one to do with the other? On the topic of linkback, I wonder what you count. One per person? One per person and story (+1 for the prompts call) One per person and site linked at? One per person and day? Any combination, anything I forgot?

    • I wanted a dremel 100 years ago (okay, closer to 10) to make vampire fangs. I (try) to count every one someone does, Lj, DW, Twitter, Facebook, etc. But I’m almost certain I missed a few this time.

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