Giraffe Call So Far!

This has been a slow Giraffe Call, which I’m totally fine with, since I’m still working on my Nano-vel. I have, right now, three prompts left to write for the first batch.

The call is open until I finish those:
On LJ –
and on DW –

After that, I have an additional 5 prompts to write to finish the all donor’s prompts, and then whatever they wish me to write as their continuations. We reached $35, so there will be a poll up at the end of the week for our incentive continuation (have no fear! Last month’s continuation will be done soon!!).

I have one new prompter and no new commenters or donors, so there will be no setting-piece for this round.

Stories to date are (and there’s 11 of them):
Addergoole Yr5
Uh-Oh (LJ)
Family ties (LJ)

Addergoole yr8
Some Say Life (LJ)

Addergoole Year 21
Generations (LJ) and
Revelations (LJ)

Talking it to Death (LJ)

The Aunt Family
The Family Kudzu (LJ)
Difficult Relations (LJ)

Thicker Than… (LJ)

Mother Knows… (LJ)

Tír na Cali
Brothers and Brotherhood (LJ)

The Linkback Incentive Story (LJ) is still incomplete. If you think I missed your signal boost, please let me know!

We reached the first incentive level!

Edited to add: if you are the mystery donor for whom I have an IRL name and a broken e-mail but no screen name, thank you!! What story would you like to see continued with your donation?

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