Monday, monday, Monday!

Woosh! I have paint everywhere!

This weekend, I finally got out the paint sprayer and started painting the bedroom.

This thing takes a little more getting used to than I’d hoped, but it seems to work very nicely. Next time? Wearing a face mask.

We also: trimmed the lilac making horror-movie noises against the gutter, cut apart an old, broken kids’ pool, T. planted some garlic, I painted some window trim, and bought cider without, for the first time this year, getting lost.

Oh, and made butternut-bread-casserole for dinner. Om nom nom nom!

Painting the bedroom makes me feel like we’re moving along somewhere on this thing. T’s gotten a lot done – this weekend he also cleaned up the pantry/basement stairwell quite a bit, pulling out 2 dozen old canning jars, too, from the crawl space, and over the week he discovered that our dining room is painted over old wallpaper (ack).

All in all, a very nice weekend.

How have you all been?

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11 thoughts on “Monday, monday, Monday!

  1. Spent the weekend pretending to be awake (normally I catch up on sleep on the weekends, but somehow I ended up shorting myself on sleep this past weekend — almost nodded off during part of the writing workshop). Garlic? Yum. Homegrown fresh garlic? Double yum! (White pizza with sausage and roasted garlic? Dangerous levels of yum! I need to have that again sometime soon.) And yeah, a face mask while using a paint sprayer sounds like a Good Thing. (And for some reason this didn’t post. Fortunately FF held onto it.)

  2. Canning jars! Those are terribly useful! Glad your house has something awesome in it, as you keep finding non-awesome or at least puzzling stuff.

    • Well, the steamer trunk was pretty awesome!! Dude. We have an absolute excess of canning jars. Even if we were to can all our apples.

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