Tuesday, with Rain

It’s raining, but it looks like it’s finally warming up the normal way (gradually and damply, not in 90-degree bursts). Warm season might finally be here!

This weekend, we got the onions in, and we finally decided on what we were doing on the raised beds. Now to figure out how we’re getting them home… I really need a truck. Peas are next, and then the rest of the garden in a week or two.

I spent way too long looking at furniture DIY redos in the time when I was too exhausted to sand the dresser anymore. I have reaffirmed that I hate hate hate the distressed look, but that’s about it.:-)

I’m looking forward to starting to pull the house apart and put it together. Hopefully, we can get a lot done this summer!

Link du Jour: Literary Association Ads – teeny books! Giant books! Books on the stairs!

I am not yet certain about decorating with books. I’m also not sure where our bookshelves are going to end up. Would love built-ins. Will see how that works out.

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0 thoughts on “Tuesday, with Rain

  1. My coffee table is distressed because my toddler, who is now 18 and a half years old, distresssed it… With toy trucks and stuff.

    • That is a totally different thing than distressing it with a sander to make the brand-new paint look worn or the brand-new finish look dented! 🙂 My dresser is distressed because toddler-Lyn did much the same.

      • Distressing with a sander? For shame. Distressing should be done with life, or blunt trauma 🙂 Saw a “fake relic guitar” Video where the guy distressed the body of a cheap modern Fender-clone with a chain and assorted shop tools. The only thing the sander was used for was removing the original paint job so he could put on his own.

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