Thursday it’s Summer

The sun is out! My sandals are on! The weather is beautiful again! Summer must be here.. .*knock on wood*

I’ve been sanding away on the dresser, and hope to have it ready to paint by the weekend. I’m ridiculously happy about this. *bounce bounce*

Dinner tonight will be chicken soup – stage 2 in our 3-stage leftovers meal: Rotisserie Chicken –> chicken noodle soup –> risotto. Mmmm tasty. 🙂

Really, that’s about it going on in my life right now. I’m trying to stay back on the Weight Watchers Wagon, to start peeling off the rest of the weight before my cousin’s October wedding. And, of course, I’m writing.

Home-redo projects I like:
Floating Wall Display Shelf I might need one of these in my study someday.

Chair transformations – I’ve been contemplating doing something like this (get 4 mismatched chairs & paint & upholster them to match) – but that’s far down the line.

Also? been knitting like mad.

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    • *grins* Almost done with baby jacket, need to figure out the crochet parts of baby hats… and whee dresser!

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