Weekend Finds and Fun

(Monday went by before I managed to write this up!)

We found a bay tree!!

Background: we have been looking for a bay plant to grow for several years, through several nurseries. They’re a Mediterranean tree and can’t survive outside in a NY State winter, but they can be brought inside for the winter if grown in a pot – and T. cooks with a lot lot lot of bay.

So we finally found one utterly by accident while looking for pepper plants! SO EXCITED!

(We also: saw the Avengers, bought a cherry tomato, and bought sage, mint, mint, and strawberries. And Lavender).

Capriox came to hang out Sunday afternoon for a while – we ate banana bread and showed off our mess. 😀 It’s always awesome when friends come to visit. <3

Then we got to work on the “invasives” garden: A spot by the eastern side of the house, between the chimney and the garbage cans, where I planted freecycled chives last year. This year I added chocolate mint and pineapple mint in these two giant square cement blocks that had been stacked near the chimney. Should take them a couple weeks to grow out of that!

Link du jour: Vertical Farm in a gutter!

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  1. Yay on finding what you wanted! That is awesome. I remember picking a bunch of bay leaves out of my dinner.

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