Kink Bingo Mini-Story, Size don’t matter none

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This takes place post-apoc, say around Year 20.


Magnolia looked down at the… little man. He was, as far as she could tell, a fully-grown adult who came just about to her waist. “Now aren’t you something and a half?”

“Where it counts.” There was no mistaking that smile for anything other than pure flirtation. “And I’m sure I could make a beautiful lady like you quite happy.”

“Well, honey, you’re welcome to give it a try.” If that Change didn’t beat all else, she didn’t know what did. And it nothing else, his arm looked about the right size. “Come on back to my place, darlin.”

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0 thoughts on “Kink Bingo Mini-Story, Size don’t matter none

          • There is a lot of showering off of perfumes/colognes/deoderants/musks and musical beds involved. 😉 But every now and then Howard does end up throwing some male person in the deep end of the pond (a couple of Cya’s Kept end up there too), and I’m sure Magnolia has her ways of discouraging various females too. -capriox

            • “Oh, honey, it’s so brave of you to try a dress like that. Ah never would have thought to pair plaids and flower in quite that fashion. And those shoes…! Well, someone must be the trend-setter, Ah suppose.” She’s southern. She drowns them in honey. 😀

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