Alder By Post

Alder by Post

Things didn’t truly start getting fun until the whole class got in on the glitter-bombing.

Let me tell you about Alder by Post.

Once upon a time, [personal profile] eseme said to me, “why don’t you do your own postcard magazine?”

And I said, “Hunh, that sounds like a good idea.”

And thus Alder by Post was born.

Once a month, I send out a little postcard full to the margins with a little fiction.

Everybody knew that pixies and Tiny Folk hated each other…

She had been waiting, the stories said, for a hundred years…

I try to keep the stories light-hearted and safe for all audiences (my mother reads these). Some are drawn from my extant universes. Some are drawn from Giraffe Call prompts. Some are just stories that pop into my head.

Year two is just about to begin. Join us!

Alder by Post
1 year, US $20.00 USD
1 year, non-US $25.00 USD

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