The ClockWork Collar, or The Princess of Al-ben, a kink-bingo mini-story in 25 parts. Part 9

No poll this time; there was only one way to go on the map!
First: The Collar (LJ)
Previous: Royally (LJ)

Content warning: humiliation and implied dubcon.

“Beg for it then, pretty thing. Plead for it.”

She squirmed under him, her cheeks burning. “If you wish me to be a Princess…” Her protest was weak; her body was still burning with need.

“I wish you to be my Princess. Beg. Squeeze your breasts in that corset and beg.”

“Please, my king.” The word caught in her throat. “Please, my lord. F…fuck me. Have me as you will.”

“More. Roll over.”

“My lord?”

“I will fuck you like the animal you are while you plead for it, Princess.”

She rolled onto her stomach, ass in the air. “Please?”

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