Side Story Saturday: Kai and Conrad in College

This is a drabble of Kailani and Conrad, from Addergoole: TOS, during the time of Chapter one of Addergoole: Year 9

August 31, 2003

“Does it seem like…” Kailani paused to grab Alistair and pull his shirt back over his head. “…like we should be listening to Regine’s speech again?”

Conrad, who had his hands full trying to get Audra’s socks on, just laughed. “It’s not like we weren’t here last year, too.”

“Last year, we hardly had time to think, and we were still fresh from school. This year…” She successfully got Alistair dressed. “No, Ali, keep it on. Crissy will be here any minute.”

You could, she had learned, demand things of Regine. An au pair had been her first “request.”

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