Some Nights, a drabble of Luke

After this and this, and on my side, this and this

He’d built the house closer to Addergoole than he liked, and not nearly close enough.

Close enough to be within its protections, close enough that he could visit – “visit” being part of the problem. But far enough away that Regine could never claim it as her own, that Mike could not easily stop in unannounced. Far enough away that he could not be there every night.

He had an obligation, after all.

After all this time he was beginning to wonder if it was time to pass the obligation on. Perhaps to one of his descendants.

Perhaps to Aodhfionn. That would be… interesting, to say the least.

For tonight, Doug had the fort, as it were. His Ana was around to help, if he needed it.

Luke’s wings spread wide the minute he stepped out of the school. The air, as always, felt like freedom, even if he, more than most, knew if for the lie it was, here.

Enough freedom to fly, at least. He leapt into the air and muttered a couple Meentik Workings to make the updraft he wanted. If he did this right, he could be home before dark.

And tonight, he wanted to be home quickly. There were some times that were meant for spending with loved ones.

He’d brought flowers. Flowers, and earrings. It was that sort of day, after all, and he’d been practicing making sapphire for a while now to get these right.

In centuries, you picked up a few useful skills.

The flowers – he’d had to buy those, he was no good at all with plants – died a quick death as he spotted someone near the perimeter of his property. The earrings were tucked into a pocket. There were people. Not one, but several people – he counted four, and muttered a Kwxe Working which gave him two more – surrounding his property.


He circled high above the land and muttered an Idu Working. Idu was by no means his best Word, but he could use it with effort. ::Myst. Trouble.:: He whispered it in her mind.

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