Hunting Hawk

Hunting Hawk

After Some Nights and after Storm Front (now with 50% more ninjas.

::What should I do?::

::Intruders.:: He sent her the image of the property, the intruders, lying in wait. ::Get the kids into the basement. It’ll withstand just about everything. I’m going to land and take them by surprise while they’re waiting to take me by surprise.::

He circled twice more, muttering Intinn Workings under his breath, glad he always flew with an invisibility Mask. Had they seen him anyway? Why were they here? What were they?

::Where’s Seven? Over there. Over there. Where’s Six? Where’s six?::

::Ready to close. Where’s Five? Are we really doing this?::

::Team in place. Countdown. Twenty-nine. Twenty-eight.::

Him. Luke swooped down to the ground, silent death from above.

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          1. He might like to keep one alive to find out… This evening is not going to go well for some people at all….

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