It’s the time of the year when we start planning our garden. This time of year, the snow and the slush demand some thinking about the warmth and the nice weather to come.

Also, seed catalogues have the best sales in February.

So, the T. and I were all set to put together an order last night – just needed to look through the box of freecycled seeds I’d picked up Tuesday – and then.

We opened the box.


Squash, at least three types
Four types of melons.
cumin, basil, more basil, parsley.
Peas, beans, GARBANZO beans, peas. Beans.
Posies. Loads and loads of posies.
Spinach. Lettuce. Two types of Kale.
five types of tomatoes
bell peppers
Turnips, carrots, parsnips, rutabega, BEETS

We’re gonna need a bigger garden.

They’re not new seeds; they’ll probably have a much lower germination rate than fresh seeds. But that’s okay. There’s enough overkill in there to allow for a rate as low as 10% on everything but the root veggies.

Guys, this is awesome.

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