The Foyer – a caelo usque ad centrum

I mentioned in my current Giraffe Call (LJ) that we’re going to start working on our Foyer soon.

I’ll do my best to post “before” pics this evening, but in the meantime, I’d like to lay out a bit of what we’re looking at.

The foyer is a 8×4 space with doors on three sides: the front door, the doorway to the utility room, and the doorway to the kitchen. The fourth side has an open “closet” space with a fold-up bench.

It was covered in hideous wallpaper when we moved in (Much of the house was covered in hideous something.) We’ve stripped the wallpaper off, leaving bare walls, and done much of the mudding and sanding.

To finish the foyer, we will need to:

  • tape, mud, sand, and finish the upper edge of the room
  • paint the entire room, including ceiling
  • paint and install trim around all three doorways
  • install a door in the doorway to the utility room (possibly but less likely, also in the kitchen doorway)
  • replace the over head light
  • repair the floor
  • remove the extant, rotting-out, header for the closet (where there were once hooks)
  • replace the header with overhead storage
  • remove the lovely fold-up bench and replace it with one in better shape
  • re-install the closet rod, re-install the hooks or get new ones, or paint the old ones and re-install
  • stencil a phrase between the overhead header and the seat: a caelo usque ad centrum (see here
    …and I’m sure there’s more. But, when we’re done, we’ll have a welcoming, lovely entryway in which to invite people into our home.

    Once the snow melts, we can really get started!

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  1. Your house is already quite welcoming, due to the wonderful people who live there. This will just add to it! I do hope the current bench finds a new home in your house – I do recall it being nice and worth hanging on to.

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