Partnership, a drabble of Luke & Mystral (@kissofjudas)

After Planning the Strirke, after Hunting Hawk, and so on.

::Tell me what and where I can strike, and not be in your way.::

There was more than one reason he loved this woman. Luke sent her the map again, gesturing in their minds. ::Over there. I’ll be over here, taking out the leader.::

He shut off the mind connection as he broke the man’s spine in three places. Even if she was a hunter herself, he didn’t need to share such things.

Old-fashioned, the memory of an ex-wife taunted him. He ignored her. She wasn’t important right now.

“Boss?” One of the men whispered. Breaking discipline already. Sloppy. “Count?”

“One.” Luke whispered it as he killed him. “Two.”

He left most of his half mostly-alive. He wanted questions answered.

::How goes?::

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