Djinni Icon Days!

Djinni finished up the most recent batch of icons!


Kyle, from Addergoole: Year 9

Ce’Rilla and Vidrou, children of Ag:9 (and therafter) characters.
Also Addergoole’s Cutest Couple Ever.
Vidrou is mostly @inventrix’s character.


Djinni has Another Free Icon Day Open!

Go ahead and go request yours. I’ll wait.

Done? Cool. Don’t forget to tip if you have a little to spare. I’ll wait.

Tipped? Cool. NOW. Who should I request?

My thought is: one Addergoole character (Probably Eluned, Jovanna, or Akaterina),

one currently-active fiction character for another ‘verse,

and one… I dunno, just-for-fun?

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