Weight loss blog: I’m not talking to my scale.

Stayed well within points all week. Ate veggies, drank plenty of fluids, went to the gym three times. I’m being healthy and proper and everything.

I am not currently on speaking terms with my scale.

We’ll see if I am again in a couple days.

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0 thoughts on “Weight loss blog: I’m not talking to my scale.

  1. <warm fuzzies> Scales can be bastards. Eating your veggies and staying hydrated and going to the gym are worthwhile for themselves, too, regardless of what the scale says.

  2. *HUGS* I have been reading your food logs, and you eat very healthy stuff! Far better than me at this point, and you exercise more too. That is awesome! I am ignoring your scale, scales can be wrong and inaccurate.

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