Food Log 3/7,3/8, & 3/9

As I’ve said, weekends make it harder to remember to log food, but this weekend we ate in big meals again instead of browsing, which helped

Coffee, 1/4c 2% milk, 1t sugar, creamer
Cheerios, 1/2 cup
tiny apples
Pad Thai Tofu
Tuna Melt, low-fat cheddar
two glasses of wine

Beef with onions and cream sauce

French Toast
one-egg Egg salad
Fish Balls, Pierogies, and roasted speargrass
puff pastry-cream cheese-banana rollups

T. and I came up with a dinner plan for the week, too, since I’m now grocery shopping for work every Tuesday a.m.

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    • No, not this late in the year. The tiny apples are from the grocery store – they sell them for kids but they work well as snack food.

      • Ah, I thought maybe you’d figured out winter storage, if some of the ones in your yard were an appropriate variety for that.

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