Character Buildinator! (Hattip @inventrix)

Gives you results like:


(why don’t I have a tag for “generators?”)

There’s also a character interests generator – Your character’s interests include candle-making, owls, web design, and old castles.

A skills generator – Your character’s skills include martial arts, horseback riding, and playing the guitar.

And check this out, a personality generator:

Courteous: Typically
Risk-Taking: Often
Ambitious: Sometimes
Curious: Often
Self-Controlled: Sometimes
Nurturing: Generally
Trusting: Never
Honest: Sometimes
Loyal: Usually
Affectionate: Never
Romantic: Never
Flirty: Never
Sympathetic: Generally
Altruistic: Sometimes
Optimistic: Usually
Observant: Usually
Logical: Sometimes
Social: Fairly outgoing
Emotions: Fairly controlled

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