So, You’ve Managed to Survive the Apocalypse… and the immediate post-apoc no-tech horror…

…You’ve managed to survive the end of the world, where 90% of the people didn’t.

You’ve managed to survive the first few horrid years of “shit, how do we feed ourselves?” and so on.

It is now Apoc+5, and you and about 400 other people have managed to form a small, mostly-self-sufficient community.

It’s time to think of the laws, the taxes, the ideals by which your society will be governed, and your input is being asked for – and valued highly.

What are the top tenets of the society as you suggest them?

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  1. 1. All abled bodied adults and youngsters must aid in the harvest and critical maintenance of the community infrastructure. 2. Respect your fellow citizen’s boundaries. No means “no”. Just because it’s the apocalypse doesn’t mean you get to use “Be fruitful and multiply” as an excuse to get into the hot girl’s pants. 3. No hoarding critical food or supplies (gas, engine parts, non-replaceable medical supplies). 4 Anyone with critical life skills (medicine, engineering, ect.) must spend X number of hours a week passing them on to the next generation. 5. Anyone bit by a zombie is required to shoot themselves in the head, or have it done for them…

  2. Depends on the primary stresses on the society – if war, military service. If food, serving during harvest. If civil unrest, rule of law stuff. If disease, hygiene.

  3. Sexual activity requires an enthusiastic yes, every time. Yes, this will mean both men and women need retraining. Boundaries. Everyone needs to have them, respect them, and teach their kids about these two, early on. Everyone must help out in whatever way they are best able. Those with specialized skills or knowledge need to use them, and teach others. Those who don’t will start with less specialized tasks, and get training where relevant/desired/able. Everyone is able/available to defend and gets basic defense training, minimum. Those with interest also get weapons/attack training, as available and relevant. Everyone helps with obtaining/supplying/storing/preparing food, or at least learns the basics of each of these. Everyone helps to raise the kids, at least in as much as they are welcoming to them, and train them in relevant skills. If there are no adults who specifically want to be primary caretakers, everyone must take a turn (preferably multiple adults at a time, but precise numbers depending on both numbers of kids and on numbers of adults). Older kids help with care taking as soon as they are able, if there are many more kids than interested/available adults. It may start out that everyone helps with everything, but depending on numbers of available helpers, may be able to settle into a certain amount of doing what best suits temperaments. As long as everyone helps in some way. There cannot be danger from within the group, as there is enough outside it. Anyone who ignores boundaries, is physically or verbally or emotionally violet, either shapes up or is kicked out. (Or Kept by someone responsible?) Are we human? Fae? Both? Hmm… Taxes. Do we have money? I kind of think the ‘everyone helps out’ may be the start of a bartering system, at least, perhaps allowing trading of jobs/times of working to be traded as desired. For the moment, I think the tax is doing what you can, but that won’t be sustainable for 400 people. Hmm! Not sure!

  4. We defend ourselves but we do not prey on others – that leads in a direction we don’t want to go in.

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