Doomsday Academy: First Day of School for First Years

This is set in Cynara’s Doomsday Academy, several years after its founding. Ascha is a child of Magnolia, a Second Cohort Student.

“Hello, children.” Ascha stepped out from Cynara’s shadow and smiled at the gathered ten-year-olds and their very-nervous parents. “Hello parents. I’m Aceline Waterbridge, but you can call me Miss Ascha. I teach the First and Second Year students here at Doomsday Acedemy.”

She walked down from the low stage as she spoke, letting her skirt swish against the stairs. Soothing sounds, soothing thoughts. Her brother liked to tease her that she looked like a kindergarten teacher. Ascha had decided to take the concept to heart.

“The dormitory for this year’s first-year students is right this way. You’ll share a building with the second- and third-year children, and, of course, with me. My assistant, Ammon Donndubhán – you can call him Mr. Ammon – lives in the building as well. You’ll meet him in a few minutes.” She walked down the middle aisle, smiling at the parents, smiling at the children. “It’s going to be a fun year, and we’re going to learn quite a bit.” Calm. Reassuring. Generally, about half her students had never been inside a school before. Almost all of them had never been away from home for any length of time.

She shifted her tone, turning her words to the parents as they, not really realizing what they were doing, fell in behind her. “The students will stay in the same dorm for their first three or four years; after that, they’ll move up to dorms by Mentor until their seventh or eighth year. All of the housing is monitored by an adult, and it’s all well within the school walls.” She pitched her voice up a bit. “You can see the Dining Hall to my left here; there are covered walkways for the summer and,” she dropped her voice into a melodramatic stage whisper, “tunnels for the winter.”

She turned to catch the expressions on her new students’ faces and grinned. It was always the most fun when she could get them to play along.

“And here…” she continued, “this will be your new home.”

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