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Meme-me-me answers

Answers to the meme here: (Give me the first line of a fic I have not written yet and get a summary, snippet, soundtrack.)

The trouble, Merrion had found, with acting on premonitions was that sometimes you only found yourself in the frying pan instead of the fire. [personal profile] rix_scaedu

The September Story: Merrion learns, though trial and error (mostly error), when he can act to shift premonitions and when he has to let them go.

But on the way, he ends up in hotter water than even he could foresee.

Another snippet: “I knew you were going to say that.” Merrion smirked.

“Then why did you…” The officer shook his head. “Never mind. Sit down and shut up.”


The dragon in the bathtub snorted at her, sending bubbles flying across the room. [personal profile] kelkyag

Aloysia found herself in any number of strange babysitting jobs, but when she found herself babysitting the girl babysitting the baby dragon, things were about to get super strange.

Another quote: “But I don’t know what to…”

“Relax. Junie has the dragon.” Mrs. S managed to make it sound nice and ordinary as a Girl Scout project. Maybe for her, it was. “All you have to do is keep her out of trouble.”


It was not a happy moment when Gareth realized being sold as a pet to a dragon was only the fifth most surprising thing to happen to him that day.

Never Open the First Door

Don’t buy monkey paws from strange stores – don’t buy anything from strange shops – don’t make deals at crossroads, and never open the first door.

Gareth knew all this. But when his kid sister bought the monkey paw from the little antique store on the corner, well, what was he going to do? He couldn’t let her take the fall…

So he took it.

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Named Male Characters with active personalities/speaking lines

Stranded World: Winter, Basil, Tattercoats. Gregor (okay, he probably doesn’t really count)

Reiassan: Girey, Saydri

Tir na Cali: So full of short pieces it’s hard to tell, though Stephen

Faerie Apocalypse: Ditto.

Vas’ World: Vas, Paz, Ezra

Dragons Next Door: Sage, Jin

Facets of Dusk: Cole,Aerich, Peter

The Planners: So full of short pieces it’s hard to tell.

Unicorn/Factory:So full of short pieces it’s hard to tell.

The Aunt Family: Stone

Space Accountant: Basi

Science!: Alex & Liam

Fairy town: Father Nehemiah

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Character Meme Day Two – Clothing and Appearance (Tairiekie)

So, I decided to do a character meme, and this one showed up first on google. Because the theme of the month is Reiassan, I’m starting with Tairiekie.

Day 2:
How do they usually dress? What do they wear to sleep? Do they wear jewelry?

When not wearing a school uniform, Tairiekie prefers durable, comfortable clothing, in bright colors – often in those of the House she ends up in (Peach and Red) as both of her parents favor those colors.

She doesn’t often wear skirts, preferring loose pants, comfortable tunics, nothing that will bind or twist. Fashion is not her primary concern.

To sleep, she wears an under-tunic – an unfitted piece of clothing, sleeveless in summer and sleeved in winter, made out of undyed linen, often very heavily decorated on the hems.

Tairiekie doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, preferring a few small lapel pins and decorative buttons which her parents and friends have gifted her with over the years.

Is there anything about their appearance they wish they could change?
How would they look as [at?] the opposite sex?
What do they smell like? Why (do they wear the scent or does it occur naturally)?

If anything – Taikie is not all that interested in her appearance – she would prefer that she not have the yellowish undertone to her skin, which is only visible when she is inside for long periods of time, as in a long, cold winter.

She doesn’t have a lot of interest in boys right now – or romantic interest in girls, either – but enjoys spending time with people, socially.

/sniffs her/ She probably smells like grass and clay most of the time, or the goat-milk soap she washes with. She has a small bottle of sandalwood scent she has never used, which her grandfather gave her as a gift.

Do they have an accurate mental picture of their appearance (how they see themselves versus how the world sees them)? Physically, yes, in as much as she cares. Socially, not quite so much.

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Rick-(steam)Rolled by Looooove (@korionfray)

Haven’t done one of these in a while!

So, the writer in my attic, K Orion Fray, does a weekly writing inspiration, which includes a writing prompt.

A prompt from many weeks ago:

So go ahead. Use the lyrics from “Never Gonna Give You Up” as your inspiration. Like it? Don’t like it? Really honestly stuck? Go to your iTunes or other music playing apparatus and hit shuffle. Use the first song that comes up. You might be surprised.

So this is her fault. 😉

We’re no strangers to love

It was the sort of courtship you snuck between classes and club time, child care and bar-hopping. It was the sort of courtship that looked accidental while being nothing but accidental. It was the sort that started with “hey, you’re in Theatre Club too, aren’t you?”

It wasn’t his first courtship, but it was the first he’d pursued with such intensity.

You know the rules and so do I

She was cautious, of course: she had graduated from Addergoole and, while she didn’t quite recognize him as having done the same, she knew to be cautious, knew to distrust kindness, and knew the buddy system and every other rule of safety far better than most of her companions.

And he was, in turn, just as careful. He knew, if the boys in his dorm didn’t, that a boy could suffer just as badly from incaution as a girl could, that the rules didn’t care about gender, and that one had to know who you friends were – and, more importantly, who your friends weren’t.

A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of
You wouldn’t get this from any other guy

So it took six months before she agreed to his so-casual invitation to go out to dinner, and even then she, suspicious to the last, turned down his offer of shared babysitting. It took eight months until he got her to invite him to her house, and nine until he finally got the nerve up to drop to his knees in front of her.

“I hardly know you,” she protested.

“I’ve been following you, watching you, since my first year of school.”

“But I don’t remember you at all.”

“I know.” He ducked his head and tried not to smile. “You were rather distracted.”

“And you really mean…”

I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling
Gotta make you understand

“I do. I can’t help it, I do. I watched you with them – those boys, those girls. I watched you with your cy’ree. I watched you here, all year.”

She stared at him. “You’re obsessed. Did someone Work you?”

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

“No. I mean, not for that. Not this. This is… just an obsession. But I mean it. I want to go all the way.”

We’ve known each other for so long
Your heart’s been aching, but
You’re too shy to say it
Inside, we both know what’s been going on
We know the game and we’re gonna play it

He offered her his wrists, knowing she was staring at him in disbelief. “I want to treat you better than all of them. I want to do better. I want to show you how it can be.”

“You want to… you don’t want to Keep me?”


And if you ask me how I’m feeling
Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see

He shook his head. “No. No. I want you to Keep me. Until it all gets better for you.”

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

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Please to pick another random number for me

Between one and eighteen, to pic the next thing on my writing list

The list, not in order of its numbers, includes:

Landing Page
Demifiction Meme
Inner Circle (outline)
Rion Writing Inspiration
Rion Edits
collate liveblog
Fdomme: Blachalclchel
Clockwork Apoc
Rix Words the second
Kelkyag Words!
Liveblog Summary
Daily Prompt Friday Flash
character meme via google
Live** the apoc
Submission (find)
Rix Words!

(i.e., if you chose one, it will not be Landing Page. But a number somewhere in the range of 1-18 will be.)

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Teaser: Baram’s Elves Piece for Rix

“Your target was never here.” Baram punctuated his sentence with a sharp kick to the bikers’ leader’s ribs. The woman grunted, and, on the other side of the field of battle, the nearly-dead tank made a pained noise.


Worry about it later. Baram picked up the boy.

Commissions are open here!

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Here’s an excerpt from an Aunt Family piece I’m writing for Kelkyag:

At the rate she was missing things she should have been anticipating, Eva was thinking she might want to hang up the Aunt hat and let a more capable witch handle things.

And, a bit later:

Eva, whose family used money-spending as a benign weapon, could both understand the feeling and simultaneously be offended by the suggestion that she was doing that.

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Reiassan Demifiction – History Text involving Rin & Girey

Chapter 7
The End of the War

This history of humanity on Reiassan begins with war, and it nearly ended with war.

The Peace Treaty of 758 would likely have ended as all other peace treaties between the Calenyena and the Bitrani had – with betrayal, deception, violence, and war – save for two facts.

The first – that the tacticians of the Calenyen army engineered a decisive blow against the Bitrani, one which left their army dead or demoralized, many of their officers captured, and their people ready to surrender – is discussed in great depth in Chapter 8.

This chapter focuses on the secondary but no less important reason for the lasting peace, a peace that has, as of this writing, held for two hundred and fifty-two years with only very minor skirmishes to mar its record: Prince Girey of Bitrani.

When the heir to the Calenyen throne, Arinyanca, returned home to Lannamer from the front, she brought with her a single captive, the sole surviving claimant to the Bitrani throne. There is a great deal of debate about her motives in doing so, but one piece of her own writing sums it up quite nicely:

    Left where he was, one of three things would quickly happen: he would die as an officer, his identity never known. He would be revealed as a Prince, and die thus to solidify the peace. Or he would escape and foment rebellion.
    I chose to make a fourth option.

With that choice, Arinyanca very likely shifted the history of our world.

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