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Please to pick a random number for me

Between  one and eighteen, to pic the next thing on my writing list

The list, not in order of its numbers, includes:

Clockwork Apoc
Fdomme: Blachalclchel
Demifiction Meme
Live** the apoc
Daily Prompt Friday Flash
update commish page
Rix Words!
More, please
Kelkyag Words!
Landing Page
Rion Writing Inspiration
Update publications! character meme via google
collate liveblog

(i.e., if you chose one, it will not be Clockwork Apoc.  But a number somewhere in the range of 1-18 will be.)

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Character Meme Day One – Basics and cosmetics (Tairiekie)

So, I decided to do a character meme, and this one showed up first on google. Because the theme of the month is Reiassan, I’m starting with Tairiekie. 

Fifteen, I think.

Date of Birth?
We’re going to say she was born late in the harvest season, just before the snows.

Hair color?
Black, a rather solid dark black.

Eye color?
yellowish brown.

Skin color/nationality?
She’s Calenyena through and through, with toasty brown skin and the aforementioned yellowish-brown eyes and black hair.

Accent (if any)?
Taikie, of course, doesn’t think she has one. Her accent is up-country, a little lazy on the edges compared to a down-country accent.

She’s fairly average for her people, around five foot one.

about 125 lbs – she’s got a lot of muscle mass

None yet, but we shall see what the school year brings.

As above.


no birthmarks, no disfigurements, and a few scars – on her knee, on her left palm, across one shoulder – from childhood.

Do they have any nicknames? Where did they come from?

Her father called her Tair-Tair, a baby name.
She prefers Taikie, in the style that’s common (First syllable, last syllable).

Her family come from Amenet – oh, this is where her nicknames come from. They’re pretty standard shortenings of her name.

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…Tied up with String

To [personal profile] rix_scaedu‘s commissioned continuation of ♪Brown Paper Packages♫.

The tag read, in a tidy handwriting that Ackelea was pretty sure she recognized,

Don’t say I never gave you anything.
For that matter, don’t let him say I never gave him anything, either. There are a lot worse options for him than you – me included – and the boy was practically begging for it.

By signing the below, I, Ackelea cy’Solomon, agree to take Ownership of the attached package. He shall live under my name until I choose to release him.

There was a line underneath, and, thoughtfully, a pen attached. Ackelea muttered a couple quick Idu Workings to be certain she wasn’t signing anything but what she could see, and then marked the signature line with her glyph.

She knew what was coming, so she was braced for the ear-popping world-twisting feeling as the Keeping took hold; the squeak from inside the package as her ears popped was the first indication that there was actually a real, live, conscious person in there.

The boy was practically begging for it.

That could mean a lot of things, especially if she was right about her anonymous gifter. Ackelea murmured a quick Levitation Working and got the package inside her threshold. After a moment’s consideration, she settled it down on her bed.

“Hold on a moment,” she told the brown wrappings. Getting no response, she took said moment to change into a nice kilt and her favorite shirt. Pants might have given a stronger impression – but she didn’t like to wear enough clothes to wear a kilt. Too warm, too confining.

The brown wrappings, obviously, held still while she changed. And they held still while she began to unwrap them – it- him.

Someone had taken the time – ha, someone – to wrap this package up nice, so she took her time to appreciate the wrapping. Twine, real twine, tied in pretty little double-bows. Seventeen of them – she counted out loud – and then three layers of paper. It wasn’t butcher’s paper – again, she checked – just brown paper spiraled around the person inside.

She got the feet out first. Bare feet, naked feet. And then the ankles – also bare, the thighs-naked – and “Oh, aren’t you nice.” She found herself making a noise like a purr, her, purring. This was going to be an interesting year, wasn’t it?

“You are a nice one… so far.” Flat stomach, almost too flat. Skinny-boi. She almost didn’t want to keep unwrapping.

She got to the nipples, to find them both pierced with thick-gauge piercings. “Well, that’s not all that common these days, is it?” She found her lips curling in a smile. “You really were asking for it, weren’t you?” She was talking to a wrapped package. That was, she had to admit, a little weird. Right. Time to get the mouth unwrapped.

The neck was bare. That was – interesting. Useful, though. The mouth, on the other hand, he’d wrapped up, gagged with a long knot of rope. “Aah.” Ackeleah chuckled. “Ah, that’s adorable.” She patted the bare flank. “All right, almost done unwrapping you.”

This time, the boy made a noise – not much of one, just a little thing. It almost sounded like a protest.

Ackeleah pinched what came to hand – his inner thigh – and went back to unwrapping. He fell quiet again, leaving her to her monologue. “You’re gorgeous, you know. But I’m sure you know that, looking like this. Looking like – where did your clothes go? You can’t have been wandering around naked on Hell Night… well, I guess that would have counted as asking for it.” She pushed the paper off his face, revealing wide eyes, wide brown eyes staring at her. “Are you worried, boy? A little concerned about your situation?”

She was purring again. What was she going to do with herself?

She sliced the rope gagging him with a very careful application of claws, and pulled the knot out of his mouth. Hemp. He’d been tangled up by a sadist – of course, she’d guessed that already.

“There you go. Now… what am I going to do with you?”

He dropped off the in the most graceful controlled fall Ackeleah had ever seen, landing on his knees with his hands behind his back and his head bowed. His voice was rough, but there was no hesitation at all in it.

“Whatever you want, mistress. Anything at all.”

♪When the dog bites, when the bee stings…♫

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Chewing on Character Motivations

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith was talking about character motivations, and it occurs to me that I could use some work on that topic.

Err, my writing that is, although I couldn’t exactly tell you what my motivations are, either…<.<

This is placeholder post until I get some more time to think about this.

So! Either:

* Name a character of mine, any character of mine, and I will come up with a piece of their motivation.

* Say “random,” and I will use a random date generator to pick a day & a piece from that day, and tell you something about /their/ motivation.

* Tell ME something about a character’s motivation (mine or someone else’s), and we can discuss.

* Rozen
* Maureen, Lady Foxglove
* Rin
* Caitrin

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#Promptcall signal boost

K Orion Fray has a Prompt Call open for fiction – the theme is revenge.

[personal profile] inventrix is looking for demifiction prompts for her Saeland (Invisible Dragons) setting.

And I’m looking for demifiction prompts for my Reiassan (Edally, Rin & Girey) setting

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