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Lannamer Department Gendarme Report (Reiassan Demifiction)

Lannamer Department Gendarme

Seventh Grid, North-East Quadrant

Kostya Ninth, Year R.950

Officer Kezkies Reporting

Standard patrol of Quadrant, clockwise spiral as per patrol rotation.

About mid-way through the patrol, heard noises coming from Ilaztudzob-Azen’s accounting shop. Hurried to location, as there have been troubles in that area recently, while signalling for back-up.

Arrived to find three people in altercation: shouting, hitting one another, swinging about ledger books. First person was Counter Ilaztudzob-Azen himself; second and third persons not identified at that time.

They had not seen the signal, or, if had, assumed it was for someone else. Indeed, three involved parties seemed to have no concern they might be doing something illegal or even obnoxious, despite the late hour – just past the turning of the clock.

Took effort to remove each fighter from fight individually, but, as none of them wanted to be removed, had to resort to force. Nose broken in second attempt to move eighty-seven-year-old Ilaztudzob-Azen out of combat.

Backup arrived, at which point we could restrain elder Ilaztudzob-Azen and two much younger combatants.

Said combatants, once interviewed, were Gilrup-Lye and Lyevnepsa-Gil, who own a shop on the edge of Seventh Grid, North-West Quadrant (against 8th Grid North-East). They accused Ilaztudzob-Azen of cheating them; Ilaztudzob-Azen accused them of nonpayment.

Date has been set for hearing on cheating v. non-payment in front of the Magistrate. Second date set for hearing on violent altercations and assaulting gendarme. As all three are locals, with businesses in Seventh Grid, released on own recognizance.

Witnessed by Officers Kezkies, Tankun, and Irestantya.

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Let’s Have a Giraffe Call: Animalia (#promptcall)

Giraffe Call Closed!

You can always get more words by donating, however.

The call will be open for *one week* from time of posting, and the theme is Animalia.

What’s this theme include? Centaurs and fauns, bull-boys and fox-girls, talking cats and telepathic pink horses. It includes transfurry things and sentient animal things, moddies and Changes and animal-shaped aliens. In short, if it’s somehow an animal/person, it counts.

Leave a prompt, and I will write a micro/flash-fic. Leave as many prompts as you want; I will answer at least one for each person (although I may use more than one prompt in a fic).

Bonus points and an extra 50 words/extra microfic if you prompt in the style of the Animalia book) (it’s a really good book) OR if you somehow manage to come up with an animalia prompt for this month’s theme setting, Reiassan.

Animalia sample pages here, here, here, here, and here

Want more words, or just really like something you read? Drop some money in the tip jar!

(the tip jar is a kitty for reasons)

For every $1 you donate, I will write 75-100 words on the Giraffe story of your choice. Donate more than $1, and I’ll write a second fic to your prompts.

And the more money donated, the more I’ll write!

At $25, T. & I get take-out. Thai, I think, though it may be Indian.

at $40, I will commission a piece of character art from a crowdfunded artist

At $50, I will write an extra fic for everyone.

At $75, three prompters chosen at random will get an extra 500-word story written to their prompt

At $80, I will commission another piece of character art from a crowdfunded artist

Have fun! Prompt!

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