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Looking for some prompts/suggestions: Reiassan Demifiction

Pretty much [WARNING: TV Tropes] What it says On the Tin – I’m looking for a few prompts on demifiction in the Reiassan setting – any era, anything I could conceivably work into the setting.

I will write at least 4 pieces of at least 100 words during the month of August.

What is demifiction? – to quote [personal profile] lilfluff: “To quote [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith demifiction is, ‘Demifiction is imaginary stuff written as if it were nonfiction. This includes such things as reviews of books that don’t exist, fake movie posters, heroes’ shopping lists, etc. It can be challenging to write but it makes a great way to stretch your creative skills, and a really fun way to explore your settings.’

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The Hazards of Being Sick and a Grown-Up…

…is that sometimes you have to make your own comfort food.

Usually, T. makes me things like broth or risotto, and that’s wonderful, but this time, I had (have) a sore throat/swollen glands, and I was seriously missing my mom’s vanilla pudding, that she used to make me when I was sick sometimes.

I haven’t lived at home in 20 years or so, and, besides, my mom’s at a yoga seminar on the other side of the country (details are fuzzy) right now.

So I had to make my own.

I used a pretty basic Betty Crocker recipe, and it turned out – not quite like my childhood (not as grainy, and a little too sweet, which could be refined tastes) – but very yummy.

And, ya know? It made me feel better for a bit, too.

(I am still taking commissions at 150 words/$1 for someone to re-up my paid DW account… I miss my icons.)

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